The Executive Committee (David Campbell, James Morrow, Keith Widener, Terry Weber, David Aiken) of the American Cribbage Congress recommends to all our players that the safest personal decision for all of our players is to stay away from tournaments and Grass Roots gatherings until the virus has passed. The ACC lengthened the Grass Roots season by one month (to June 30 for club play and to May 31 for GRNT) in order to allow everyone across the country additional time to complete this season.

Regarding weekend tournaments, all three commissioners (David Campbell, Richard Shea, Patrick Barrett) recommend the same: that players avoid large gatherings in the near future. The commissioners and the Executive Committee have limited powers when it comes to canceling sanctioned tournaments. In many cases in the near future, federal and state government will likely make the decision for many of these tournaments. It is our opinion (based on the ACC's Policy Manual) that the ACC has the power to cancel only one tournament and that is the ACC Open, because it is an ACC event run by the ACC. If Reno was next week, we undoubtedly would have canceled it due to the severity of the situation in the world currently.

We ask all of you to avoid some of the posts that have occurred on this page [Facebook] in the last few days. This is a very trying time for us all, and it is our hope that our 6,000+ members across the country all are lucky enough to not contract this horrible virus. As far as threats of being sued and other fear tactics people have tried to express the last few days: they will not be tolerated in this forum. If you choose to do something yourself--whether it be a poker tournament, cribbage tournament, or church--it is your choice to do so and there is only one person liable for your decision. Sadly, times like these bring out the worst in some, and we really hope that will not be the case here.