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Game Colony Hints


Game Colony Guidelines

Whether you are an experienced Internet player or new to "our world," here is a little insight into how the ACC tournaments at Game Colony will work:

  1. ROOM REQUIREMENTS: To play in the ACC tournaments, you must come to the ACC room which is only visible through the ACC portal at or directly through (Once you get to the sign-in page, you can add that to your favorites or make it a desktop shortcut - save you a few steps). Remember: if you are currently a Game Colony player with a $TIX nickname, you will have to obtain a new nickname for play in ACC tournaments; please register through the ACC portal.
  2. SIGN-IN: The TD will have a table open for sign-ins and all players must sign-in at that table. Sign-ins will commence 30 minutes before scheduled tournament start time. To ensure the TD sees you, simply ask "IN PLEASE" at the table and await acknowledgement. NOTE: Once the TD has closed the tournament, no new entries will be allowed so the brackets can be finalized.  Please try to sign up at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  3. BYES: All byes will be in the FIRST ROUND. The determination of who gets the byes is completely random and the TD does not have control over it. As players sign up, the list of players is re-randomized each time. This means you may end up playing a spouse or member of your GR club - random means just that! The TD will not have any control and will be unable to move you.

    a. Players will be placed into brackets, to the nearest power of 2 (e.g., 8, 16, 32, 64, 128). Assignments will be made by bracket, at least initially. (If you don't understand how brackets work, you can see the NCAA men's basketball brackets at for a sample). Please be patient with the TD as you will not receive an assignment until your opponent has been determined and is ready to play.

    b. All assignments will be in the "lobby" area. The first person listed will be responsible for "opening" the table. NOTE: The TD will not be able to notify you individually of your assignment so you must keep an eye on the lobby.

  5. TABLE SET-UP: The person opening the table (listed first on the assignment) will ensure the following is selected: 121 point game, 6 card. You may make the game private and not allow watchers if you desire; a private game will allow you to "invite" your opponent so they can find you easily - just be sure to invite them or you will be responsible!
  6. POSTING RESULTS: Please post your results at the TD table (the same one you signed up on). Be sure to await acknowledgement of your post by the TD. Post as follows to help the TD see it: ****Your name / their name****

    a.Please be patient with your opponents and the TDs as they "learn" their way around Game Colony tournaments.

    b. Remember to leave the Sign-up and posting table as soon as you have been acknowledged as you may not be able to join another table if you are at that table.

Can I Change My Discards to the Crib?

The default setting at is not to allow changing discards to the crib. To allow changing your discards, following the following steps: 1. Start the table; 2. Click on Preferences; 3. Click on the Undo from Crib until it has a check mark in it. Note: Every time you have to close, then reconnect, you should do this.

The Playing Area Froze Up, What Should I Do?

Occasionally, your table might freeze up. It is usually easy to correct and just takes a few seconds to correct. There are two solutions, always try the first suggestion.

A. Try this first!

  1. Click on Close Table
  2. Click on Reconnect

B. If 'A' does not work, then try this!

  1. Click on Close Table
  2. Close all browser windows.
  3. Start a new browser window
  4. Click on Tools, Internet Options
  5. Click on Delete Files (or clear cache)
  6. Connect back to and resume the game.

Clear the Cache/Temporary Internet Files

The browser cache/temporary internet files are used to help speed up the browsing/internet experience. Sometimes files are not completely cleared out or may become unusable. Clearing out the Cache/Temporary Internet Files will improve your internet experience and will help with Game Colony.

  1. Close all browser windows.
  2. Start a new browser window
  3. Click on Tools, Internet Options
  4. Click on Delete Files (or clear cache)

Can you help me with my software problem?

I can't log in, can't get the software to run, don't know the URL, forgot my password, etc.

Since we do not run Games, but simply use that site as an Internet host for our tournaments, we generally cannot help you with technical questions about Games software, the Internet or computers in general. Games answers some common technical questions on this page, which also includes basic instructions on using their gaming software. If you are still having trouble, try submitting a message through the Contact Us link or by posting a message in the Forum. The Forum which is frequented by technical staff and members.

Manual Scoring Hints

It takes a little practice to get use to manual scoring on When it is time to score points, a manual scoring pull-down appears. This happens during play and when it is time to count the hand an crib.

To score, click on the pull-down arrow, then select the score to highlight it.Now take a deep breath and review your score. Once you are satisfied with the score, click on the SCORE button.

When you are the dealer, the score button is under the crib, make sure to score both the hand and crib before clicking on the SCORE button.

Important Anomaly

When scoring scoring play, do NOT include the count for last card or go, this is still handled automatically.

User name change

A player must be registered / e-mail verified prior to being able to change names, etc. via manage Account.


Registering is possible via Manage Account.