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(Updated 03/13/2018)

Febuary 2019:

Don Olney is still in the lead.  Correction on the Player of the Month:  Sam Sinram (ia503) is the player of the month.

Life eMasters - One Star
No member reached 10,000 IRPs in Febuary.

New Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs in  Febuary.

New Grand eMasters
No member reached 4,000 IRP in  Febuary.

New eMasters
No member reached 2,000 IRPs in Febuary.

Player of the Month - Febuary
With a total of 134 IRP's in Febuary 2019 the Player of the Month is: Sam Sinram (ia503)

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Name ScreenName IRPs* Total Tournaments
Donald Olney olney47 620 84
Sam Sinram IA503 536 109
Kelly Ann Burgar lilthummper_ 496 134
Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 449 66
Mike Rosenstock sirpegger 431 97
Gary Brandt Eaglear39 425 103
Peter Legendre legend397 405 95
Sue Edwards CO434Sue 402 82
Daniel Crete dec0194 372 77
Bob Bousquet Sr. tinsmith 358 90
Clay Collier cribhead 345 58
Monica Newton oreo2757 327 91
Tom Langford yanknshank29 312 71