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(Updated 06/25/2018)

May 2019:

Don Olney is still number 1, Sam Sinram is out of the running but others can caught him.

Note:  We think 1 bug is fixed.  There is at least 1 more bug to go.  Found another error and corrected it.


Life eMasters - One Star
No member reached 10,000 IRPs in May.

New Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs in  May.

New Grand eMasters
No member reached 4,000 IRP in  May.

No member reached 2,000 IRPs in May.

Player of the Month - May
With a total of 202 IRP's in May 2019 the Player of the Month is: Daniel Crete (dec).

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Name ScreenName IRPs* Tournaments
Donald Olney olney47 793 126
Sam Sinram IA503 784 157
Daniel Crete dec0194 724 122
Sue Edwards CO434Sue 713 119
Gary Brandt Eaglear39 602 148
Mike Rosenstock sirpegger 598 132
Peter Legendre legend397 590 135
Clay Collier cribhead 559 75
Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 539 86
Bob Bousquet Sr. tinsmith 491 139
Richard Shea thirtyonefor14 478 84
Monica Newton oreo2757 460 125