Rule 10.1. When in Effect

a. Muggins is the only optional rule (see definition in rule 1.6).

b. Officials in charge of tournaments, Grass Roots, or other forms of organized play shall announce in their flyers and prior to beginning of play that muggins is in effect.

c. When muggins is in effect, pegging out (reaching the game hole) is mandatory. Rule 8.11 does not apply.

Rule 10.2. Situations That Apply

Except for the situations listed in rule 10.3, muggins is applied to the underpegging of the full value of any points during the play or scoring of the points in the hand or crib.

Rule 10.3. Situations That Do Not Apply

a. The omission or underpegging of a penalty.

b. The omission or underpegging of a muggins score.

c. The dealer's failure to peg two points for turning a Jack as a starter card.

d. Points lost by a player by pegging backward.

Rule 10.4. Calling Muggins

a. The caller shall state, "Muggins for X points." During the play of the cards, the score(s) not pegged or underpegged shall be identified. Muggins may not be pegged until both players agree. If the opponent does not agree, judges shall be summoned. If the judges determine that the play was not a muggins, the opponent will be awarded the points taken as a penalty. If the true amount of underpegging is determined to be other than the amount originally claimed, the caller is entitled only to the lesser of the claimed or true amounts. In no case shall the amount of points awarded for muggins exceed the actual number of holes that could have been pegged had the scoring been correctly done. The muggins points shall be scored after the judges render a decision.

b. For points missed during the play of the cards, a muggins call must be made:


After the player finishes underpegging the score or, if no score is pegged, after the player forfeits the score (see Rule 7.2).


Before the scoring player pegs a subsequent score or the pone's hand is pegged.

c. For points missed in a hand or crib:


The dealer must call muggins after the pone has finishes pegging the score or states there is no score and before the pone's hand is mixed with other cards or the total count of the dealer's hand is announced.


The pone must call muggins after the dealer completes pegging the hand (or crib) score or states there is no score and before the pone mixes the hand (or crib) with other cards.

d. The zero-count hand or crib: once a player claims no count in a hand or crib, muggins may be called immediately. After the player's opponent says the word, "muggins," the player may not correct his or her count.

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