Rule 11.1. Scoring Penalties

a. The opponent of the offending player scores penalty points unless they are specified to be backward penalties, in which case the offender pegs backward the amount of the penalty.

b. The retractions of scores already pegged and correction of scores overpegged (see rules 4.4, 7.3, and 8.4) are not considered penalties; they are corrections. As such, any additional rules relating to incorrect pegging are not applicable.

Rule 11.2. Mispegging a Penalty

The incorrect pegging of penalties is subject to the same rules as apply to other scores (see rules 8.3 and 8.4)

Rule 11.3. No Penalty On a Penalty

Under no condition shall a penalty be inflicted due to an error in calling or pegging a penalty.

Rule 11.4. Refusal to Conform to the Rules

a. If either player disagrees with the decision of the first two judges, a third judge may be summoned. The decision rendered by the three judges is final.

b. Any player who willfully refuses to conform to any ruling after having been informed of it by three judges is not permitted to continue playing in the event and must be removed by the tournament director or designee. Any game or match in progress is forfeited, and the opponent is awarded a win by ten spread points (when applicable).

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