Rule 5.1. Placement

a. The crib belongs to the dealer and shall be placed with cards face down on the dealer's side of the board.

b. Cards placed face down on the table for the crib and released by the fingers, except for the situation in Rule 4.4.a.(1) or 5.1.c, may not be retrieved and examined. The penalty is two points. If the two cards were not mixed with the hand, those two cards must be returned to the crib. See rule 5.2 if the discard was mixed with the hand.

c. Prior to the turn of the starter card, if only one player discards to the wrong side of the board, that player is permitted to retrieve the card(s) and reevaluate the selection.

d. If all four cards are discovered to be on the pone's side, they shall be moved to the dealer's side, without exposure, unless the starter card has been turned and each player has played at least one card. In that event, the crib becomes the property of the player on whose side it lies and the other player becomes the pone and next dealer in that game.

Rule 5.2. Exposure

a. The crib may not be examined or exposed until the specified time to count it (see Rule 9.2). The penalty for a violation is two points.

b. If either player examines the crib before discarding to it, there is a two-point penalty. Then the nonoffending player blindly selects two cards from the offender's hand, looks at the two cards, then places them in the crib. The two cards represent the offender's discard. Play continues.

c. If the dealer interchanges the hand and crib, and if discovered before play begins, the dealer plays the correct hand. But if discovered after play begins, the dealer continues to play the crib and any points pegged by dealer are retracted. In either case, the penalty of two points applies, and at the time of discovery the pone may also see the cards in the intended crib.

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