Rule 6.1. Cutting

a. Only after both players discarded to the crib shall the pack be cut by the pone to determine the starter card. If the starter card is turned face up by the dealer before he or she discards to the crib, the starter card is returned to the pack, the dealer then discards to the crib and reshuffles the pack, and the pone cuts the starter card. No penalty is assessed. Rules 4.4.c. and 4.4.d.(4) do not apply.

b. The pone shall not look at the bottom card of the upper pack when making the cut. The penalty is two points. The dealer will be shown the exposed card.

c. The dealer shall turn the top card of the lower pack and place it as the starter card, face up on top of the complete pack. If the card is placed in the dealer's hand and is not seen by the pone, there will be a two-point penalty. The pone blindly removes two cards from the dealer's hand, looks at them, and selects either one as the starter card. The other card is returned to the dealer's hand and play continues.

d. If the cut card (on top of the bottom pack) is found to be face up, it shall be turned over, the entire remaining pack (40 cards) reshuffled, and the cut made again.

Rule 6.2. Exposing More than One Card

a. If the dealer exposes more than one card in turning the starter card, the correct (top) card becomes the starter card.

b. In the above instance, both players have the right to see the exposed card(s) before it is returned to the pack.

Rule 6.3. Scoring When The Starter Card Is a Jack (His Heels)

a. When a Jack is turned up, the dealer is entitled to two points.

b. The dealer may peg out into the game hole by turning a Jack starter card.

c. If the dealer plays a card before pegging the two points, the dealer forfeits them.

Rule 6.4. Placement of Deck after Cut

After the starter card has been turned, the deck shall be placed on the dealer's side of the table.

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