Rule 9.1. Exposure While Counting

While counting a hand or crib, the cards shall remain on the table, plainly visible to the opponent.

Rule 9.2. Order Of Counting

The counting and pegging of the hands and crib shall be done in the following sequence. Each step must be completed before the next is started.

a. The pone shall count his or her hand first, announcing the total, and peg the score. Pone shall leave the cards face up until any claim or overpegging is resolved or until the dealer indicates acceptance of the pone's pegging by counting his or her hand.

b. Next the dealer counts his or her hand, announces the total, and pegs the score. Dealer shall then place dealer's hand on the pone's side of the board, still face up. The pone indicates acceptance of the dealer's score either by accepting verbally or by mixing the hand with other cards.

c. If the dealer should count his or her hand and peg it correctly before the pone pegs his or her score, there is no penalty, but the dealer must retract the points, allow the pone to peg his or her score, and then the dealer may peg his or her score.

d. Finally, the dealer exposes the crib, counts it, announces the score, and pegs it. Absent any verbal or other action of disapproval of the count by the pone, dealer shall place the crib and remaining cards face up on pone’s side of the board for shuffling and subsequent deal. [Editor note: This section was rewritten per]

Rule 9.3. The Starter Card

a. The starter card must remain segregated from the hands and the crib while they are being counted and scored. If either player places the starter card in his or her hand or crib or mixes it in the pack, judges shall be summoned. The judges shall retrieve the card and place it on top of the pack. The offender is penalized two points. If the judges decide that the players cannot agree on the starter card, then:


The judges shall assist in the reconstruction of the five-card hand or crib based on the players' statements and/or evidence of pegging in order to determine the starter card.


If the evidence is inconclusive, the judges shall direct the nonoffender to blindly remove two cards from the affected hand or crib, look at them, and select either one as the starter card. The other card is returned to the involved hand or crib, and play continues.


If the starter card has been mixed with the pack and cannot be retrieved as in #1 above, a judge shall shuffle the pack, the nonoffender will cut, and a judge will turn the new starter card.

b. After the pone counts his or her hand and before the dealer begins to count his or her hand, the pone may remove the pack, leaving the starter card in the approximate area where the pack was.

Rule 9.4. Mixing Hand With Other Cards

a. If a player mixes his or her hand with the crib or pack before it is counted and pegged and before the opponent confirms the count (see Rule 9.2), the player forfeits the count of the hand.

b. If the crib is involved and the dealer mixes the crib with the pack, the dealer forfeits the crib count.

c. If the pone mixes the crib with the pack, the pone is penalized two points and the dealer is permitted to retrieve the crib and peg its value. If there is disagreement on the cards, summon judges.


The judges shall assist in the reconstruction of the hands in an attempt to determine which cards were placed in the crib.


The cards that the players recall shall be retrieved. If a full crib cannot be recalled, a judge shall shuffle the remaining pack and from the top add the number of cards required to constitute a full crib.

Rule 9.5. Assistance in Counting

No aid from an individual or from the use of any material may be used to assist in determining scoring while pegging or counting the hands or crib.

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