Grand National XXIX

The 29th ACC Grand National was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on September 1719, 2010. But the fun actually began several days before this date.

The Grand National 29 Tournament Director, Jack Howsare, announced that two sanctioned tournaments and eleven satellite events would be held over the course of five days. In addition, the Grass Roots Tournament of Champions was held on Friday, September 17.

Congratulations to
Duane W. Toll
of Sutherlin, OR
who prevailed over
Roger Lueschow
Maple Valley, WA
on Sunday, September 19
to claim the 2010 Grand National Championship.

A midweek ACC-sanctioned tournament was held at the Holiday Inn on September 14-16, directed by Marvin Lewis (757.488.1920 or

 Tournament Director

 Scott Kooistra

 Past GN Champions

 2014 - Phoenix, AZ

 2013 - Atlanta, GA

 2012 - Appleton, WI

 2011 - Reno, NV

 2010 - Virginia Beach, VA

 2009 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

 2008 - Portland, Oregon

 2007 - Portland, Maine

 2006 - Wisconsin Rapids

 2005 - Lincoln City

 2004 - Atlanta

 2003 - Sioux Falls

 2002 - Lake Tahoe