ACC Hall of Fame

Robert "Mick" Michaelis

Marinette, WI
1929 - 1998

Robert "Mick" Michaelis retired January, 1993 after working 45 years for Kroger, Prudential and the last 22 years as elected County Treasurer of Marinette County, in the state of Wisconsin. Growing up during the Depression, playing cards with family, grandparents and friends was the main source of entertainment.

"Mick" started one of the earliest tournaments in Wisconsin as well as a weekly cribbage club.

"Mick" became the 1st Master, 2nd Grand Master, 3rd Life Master and 2nd Life Master 1 Star. He won seventeen tournaments including four Lewis and Clark's, one National Open, two Iowa, two Long Match and was 2nd in the 2nd Grand National.

"Mick" was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.

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