ACC Hall of Fame

Richard "Rit" Alkas

Manchester, CT
1930 - 2000

Rit learned to play cribbage while he served his country during the Korean War. Upon joining the American Cribbage Congress in 1988, he won his first tournament in which he played….as well as his last tournament before he passed on in 2000.

Among his many accomplishments during those twelve years was attaining the honor of being National Champion in 1995. He also earned All-American honors in 1997, and was a three-time All-Eastern Region team member. He attained Life Master scoring 9914 MRP’s. In addition, as a Grass Roots player he earned his Bronze Award. He served as a Tournament and Grass Roots Director, and he especially enjoyed helping new players understand the game and its values.

Rit was a national duckpin champion and an avid crossword puzzle fan, in addition to his cribbage interests. Rit was married to Mimi in 1965, and many cribbage players will recall their trips together in their motor home enabling them to make and keep, friends across the nation.

"Rit" was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002.

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