ACC Internet Cribbage

(Updated 11/05/13)


Top 10%

      IRPs Ts  
  1.  Bryan J. Gurden 447 43  
  2.  Kris Bailey 288 36  
  3.  Daniel Crete 279 42  
  4.  Timothy M. Julkowski 258 40  
  5.  Don Eastwood 255 32  
  6.  John Schafer 252 35  
  7.  Elizabeth Miller 237 39  
  8.  Nancy R. Roncetti 237 36  
  9.  Mark Van Dyke 237 44  
  10. Rollie Heath 222 30  
  11. John Dellarsina 213 45  
  12. Tom Lanford 213 37  
  13. Mike Fetchel 204 35  
  14. Rick Baird 204 35  
  15. John A. Kern 198 46  
  16 Kelly Ann Burgar 195 44  
  17 Sue Edwards 192 35  
  18. Bradley Gronli 192 44  
  19. Sam Sinram 192 49  

Important:  Due to the recent attacks on the ACC web site, new procedures were introduced for the updating of the components for the ACC Internet web pages.  Please contact me if you have any problems with the ACC Internet Web Pages.

October 2013 Wrap Up:

Bryan J. Gurden (egabbirc1) iheld onto first place for the second month.  Kris Bailey (bailey8) is in second place with Daniel Crete  (par121) moving up to third.     Timothy M. Julkowski (Tim_Oregon2854) is in fourth place.  Don Eastwood (NC310) finishes out the top 5.

The TDs held 27 tournaments during October for a total of 76 tournaments this season.

During October, there were 10 tournaments won by non-ACC members!  Lets recruit these players.

New Life eMasters
John Schafer (netview85) reached 6,000 IRPs and earned his Life eMaster during October.

New Grand eMasters
No players reached 4,000 IRPs in October.

New eMasters
Jim Correa (EvenSteven) reached 2,000 IRPs and earned his eMaster during October.

Players of the Month - October:
By virtue of winning two consecutive tournaments during October, Bryan J. Gurden (egabbirc1) is the player of the month for October.

ACC Internet Tournament Winners:

  • Tuesday, October 1
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Wednesday, October 2
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Thursday, October 3
    Mark Van Dyke (loosespokes)

  • Saturday, October 5
    Kris Bailey (bailey8)

  • Sunday, October 6
    Elizabeth Miller (weezieboop)

  • Monday, October 7
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Tuesday, October 8
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Wednesday, October 9
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Thursday, October 10
    Kelly Ann Burgar (lil_thummper)

  • Saturday, October 12
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Sunday, October 13
    Bryan J. Gurden (egabbirc1)

  • Monday, October 14
    Bryan J. Gurden (egabbirc1)

  • Tuesday, October 15
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Wednesday, October 16
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Thursday, October 17
    Dave Austin (daust2)

  • Saturday, October 19
    Nancy R. Roncetti (nunzia)

  • Sunday, October 20
    Rick Baird (Rickyticky2201)

  • Monday, October 21
    Dave Yaeger (minnpops616)

  • Tuesday, October 22
    Peter Legendre (legend397)

  • Wednesday, October 23
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Thursday, October 24
    John A. Kern (JohnInSD)

  • Saturday, October 26
    Anthony Yaeger (anyhunts)

  • Sunday, October 27
    Don Eastwood (NC310)

  • Monday, October 28
    Bob Bartosh (acc_bob)

  • Tuesday, October 29
    Non-ACC Winner

  • Wednesday, October 30
    Clay Collier (cribhead)

  • Thursday, October 31
    John Dellarsina (ca2281)


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