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Lifetime IRPs as of March 31, 2014

(Updated 04/19/14)

Note:  Registered ACC members earn IRPs during the first 150 tournaments effective 08/01/2013 in which you participated each season.  We encourage everyone to play as many tournaments as they desire.

To search by name, enter one or more characters that are part of the name (first or last) and click on the Submit Query button.  Only those names that meet the search criteria will be returned.  These will be returned in descending IRP sequence.

To see the entire list of names, remove all entries in the search area, then click on the Submit Query button.  The resulting display is all players in descending IRP sequence.



Name Tournaments Lifetime IRPs
Mike Fetchel 1162 8148
Mark Van Dyke 1377 8117
John Schafer 1156 6214
Kelly Ann Burgar 1190 5573
William MacMillan 1232 5480
William A. Schultz 1088 5129
Tom Langford 783 5064
Don Eastwood 1173 5062
Rick Allen 1063 5041
Richard Shea 978 4932
John Dellarsina 1074 4803
Richard May 1086 4698
Daniel Crete 971 4536
Timothy M. Julkowski 826 4367
Mike Rosenstock 1020 4349
John F. Reed 962 4239
Patricia Gossett 859 3711
Douglas I. Henderson 696 3597
Elizabeth Miller 908 3492
Ronald E. Boule' 939 3399
Scott Buhrow 486 3374
David Hardy 955 3359
Allen Nypen 785 3335
Nancy R. Roncetti 748 3330
David D. Braach 701 3309
Pat Llewellyn 1107 3213
Marilyn Gaudreau 756 3147
Sue Edwards 624 3122
James Gear 824 3084
Valerie Nozick 635 3068
Andy Roland 693 2997
Michelle Barthelmess 635 2961
Gerald D. Oxford 711 2915
Robert M. Maupin 916 2889
Monica Newton 831 2862
Mel Ashley 619 2827
Tom Lewis 472 2804
David M. Landreth 393 2664
Rick Baird 413 2499
Rollie Heath 555 2445
Bob Bousquet Sr. 608 2442
Virginia Grant 571 2364
Michael T. Burgess 460 2352
Marie Harrington 484 2347
Larry Rozeck 512 2310
Jeff Gardner 601 2274
Raymond J. Fischer 499 2265
Lois M. Fosdal 456 2239
Paul Batterson 392 2238
Sam Sinram 486 2175


IRPs = Internet Rating Points earned this season
Ts = Tournaments played in this season (IRPs are only awarded for the first 100 tournaments in which you play each season.)

Use the four grey buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate forward and backward through the standings.

The player finishing the season with the most IRPs receives the title of Internet Champion. The ten players earning the most points receive All-Internet honors. Players finishing in the top 10% of all rated players receive an invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions, held each year in Reno.

Click here for a complete explanation of the IRP system. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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