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Registered Player List by Screen Name

(Updated 09/05/14)

This program lists all registered players by screen name.  The initial display is all players in ascending screen name sequence.

To search by screen name, enter one or more characters that are part of the screen name and click on the Submit Query button.  Only those screen names that meet the search criteria will be returned.  These will be returned in ascending screen name sequence

To see the entire list of screen names, remove all entries in the search area, then click on the Submit Query button.  The resulting display is all players in ascending screen name sequence.

Search by Screen Name

Screen Name


Screen Name Name
_DreamCatcher Susan Spencer
_HIGHPOINT_ John Anderson
_Kwiz Rick LaVallee
_malioco_ Eric Brokken
0ntario_oregon2 Terry McGinnis
1596fl Janice Blanc
15this Charlene Hudson
1688MN Timothy J. Crear
1950scott Scott Henderson
1donny Donald Smith
294annett Annett J. Eiffert
29once Bill Metcalf
29seeker James H. Morrow
3boyzzzz Tammy Allen
4StarDad Stacy Stevens
555J5_US Richard M. Corbin
56chevy Terry Weber
647Dave David L. McCorkle
65cowboy Tom Gannon
663r Bill Sayler
6viking5 Bill Whiting
75oldsarge David L. Grayson
8trick Rick Kimberlin
A0939 Allen Nypen
A7nZ4sDad Paul Gregson
AB485 Brian J. Hamilton
abby5 Barbara Larson
acc_bob Bob Bartosh
ACC_CA_4808 Craig Bowden
ACC_CT_478 Scott Johnson
ACC_MA1932 Debi Pride
ACC_MN1563 Tara Foster
ACC_MN817 Daniel Pluff
ACC_TX283  Patrick Robrecht
ACC_WA01194 Nancy Hawkins
ACC_WA920 Brock R. Lee
ACC_WI2384 Benjamin Witz
ACC-CA3786 Rick Babcock
accks78 Nelson E. Casteel
accoh157 Jeff Gardner
ACCPrincess29 Jennifer Buhrow
AGBob Bob Iacopi
Aintnomore Tim Heine
ajimgorman Alfred J. Gorman
AK058L Jerry E. Hauf
aksusie Linda D. Baldwin
ALFHRVCK29 Alva Stewart
alildab Darcy Mugartegui
alltrek4u Randell Denissen
alltrek4u Randell Denissen


Use the four grey buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate forward and backward through the standings.


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