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Registered Player List by Name

(Updated 08/08/14)

This program lists all registered players by screen name.  The initial display is all players in ascending screen name sequence.

To search by screen name, enter one or more characters that are part of the screen name and click on the Submit Query button.  Only those screen names that meet the search criteria will be returned.  These will be returned in ascending screen name sequence

To see the entire list of screen names, remove all entries in the search area, then click on the Submit Query button.  The resulting display is all players in ascending screen name sequence.

Search by Name



Name Screen Name
A. Maureen Souza Mo888
Aaron Geroux utopia1327
Aaron Harsh BigHarsh
Aaron Miller Prozacnation
Adam Switzer sprts2444
Adrian Levy rohrerboy
Adrian Parslow CorbLimeyGuv5
Al Jean Simpson Ldybgood
Alan Phillipo Attitude_Al
Albert Haines ca4717
Alexandra Finks ribbcage1
Alfred Berchtold  
Alfred J. Gorman ajimgorman
Alice Souza Ldyisbad
Allan Oines Sevenoseven
Allen Nypen A0939
Alma Tirado PR_Princess_Lace
Alva Stewart ALFHRVCK29
Amy Charland packermom
Andi Winters andiwint
Andre Boudreau  
Andrew Hulcher va_master
Andrew O'Connor peggingout
Andrew White  
Andy Lewicki cribbingo
Andy Reddish andyabq
Andy Roland muesli64
Andy Ruster andyrooster
Andy Thompson capedotter
Angela L. Lee hawaiiwave
Ann Fortier jasmine1959
Ann Thorne LoneStarAnn
Annett J. Eiffert 294annett
Annie Poppe  
Anthony Caggiono  
Anthony Coleman Ocfire094
Anthony Keith Draper dapper29
Anthony Yaeger anyhunts
Ari Weinberg  
Ariel Mantel  
Arlen Algrem zoodung11
Armand P. Hamel chorister2
Art Boulette Waimea
Art Collins djartie1
Art Mager  
Arthur Loveland ArtL
Arthur R. Spindler  
Audre Smith audball4038

Use the four grey buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate forward and backward through the standings.


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