ACC Internet Cribbage

(Updated 10/21/2014)


Top 10%

      IRPs Ts  
  1.  Sam Sinram 234 30  
  2.  Anthony Yaeger 225 21  
  3.  Daniel Crete 223 26  
  4.  Mike Fetchel 161 23  
  5.  Richard May 156 24  
  6.  Bradley Gronli 148 30  
  7.  Rick Allen 143 25  
  8.  Terrance Cushman Jr. 136 23  
  9.  William MacMillan 132 25  
  10. Sue Edwards 124 23  
  11. Monica Newton 121 19  
  12. David Draper 117 14  
  13. Brittany Pierce 111 14  
  14. Debra Lucas 110 10  
  15 Elizabeth Miller 108 23  
  16 James Gear 102 23  
  17. Debra L. Moulies 102 37  
  18. David Yaeger 102 19  

Important:  It turns out that since the site is maintained with Microsoft FrontPage; for security purposes our host had to turn off active-server pages (ASP).  Without ASP we cannot link the database to the pages and need to generate spreadsheets for posting.  I have changed to spreadsheets, not elegant, but it works.

September 2014 :

Sam Sinram (IA503) jumped from eighth position to stake his claim on top. Anthony Yaeger (anyhunts) fell into second place with Daniel Crete (par121) dropping into third.  Other jumpers were Mike Fetchel (mfetchCT425) up to fourth and  Richard May (rcmay5).

New Life eMasters
No players reached 6,000 IRPs in August or September.

New Grand eMasters
No players reached 4,000 IRPs in August or September.

New eMasters
Brad Gronli (Dakesh) and Robert Milk (RobertMilk) are our newest eMaster attainng 2,000 IRPs in August or September.

Player of the Month - August/September

With three tournament victories in August and one in September, Anthony Yaeger (anyhunts) is the Player of the Month for August/September 2014.


(Updated 09/25/2014)


Top 10%

      IRPs Ts  
  1.  Anthony Yaeger 186 12  
  2.  Daniel Crete 131 16  
  3.  David Draper 111 10  
  4.  Elizabeth Miller 105 15  
  5.  Sue Edwards 104 15  
  6.  Rick Allen 93 12  
  7.  Bradley Gronli 93 18  
  8.  Sam Sinram 90 18  
  9.  Roger Baxter 81 18  
  10. Terrance Cushman Jr. 81 13  
  11. Brittany Pierce 81 10  
  12. Jim Maffa 78 12  
  13. Debra L. Moulies 72 22  
  14. Dave Yaeger 72 13  
  15 Pat Llewellyn 69 12  
  16 Mike Fetchel 68 15  
  17. Robert Milk 66 13  

Important:  I have been unable to get the web pages to attach to the database for the new season.

I have changed to spreadsheets, not elegant, but it works.

I need HELP! 

Please email me at

New Internet Commissioner and Assistant Internet Commissioner

Please join me in welcoming Tammy Gibbons as the new ACC Internet Commissioner.

In addition, John Schafer is joining the team as the as the new ACC Internet Assistant Commissioner.

These appointments by the ACC Executive Committee take affect immediately.  There will be a transition period of a couple of months where I will be turning over the activities that I have been performing to Tammy and John.  They will share duties and become the backup for each other.  I have agreed to stay on in an advisory/backup capacity for the next year. 

August 2014 :

The completion of the first month of the new season,  Anthony Yaeger (anyhunts) jumps to the first position.  Daniel Crete (par121) claims second and David Draper (drapes54) is third.  Rounding out the top five are Elizabeth Miller (weeziebops) followed by Sue Edwards (CO434Sue).

Player of the Month

With three tournament victories, Anthony Yaeger (anyhunts) is the Player of the Month for August 2014.

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