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(Updated 09/06/2016)

Attention Internet players:  There are tournaments on Thursday's at Gamecolony @ 930PM EST.  Gamecolony is assisting and will be hosting the tournament.  Monday @ eCribbage there is a best of 3 single elimination tournament @ 900PM EST.

GameColony players:  To see the bracket:  With a new window or original window, click on update and the bracket will show.  Click update to update the bracket also.


Top 10%

    Name IRPs Ts  
1.  William MacMillan 163 14
  2.  Pat Liegl 123 14  
  3.  Daniel Crete 107 12  
  4.  Nancy R. Roncetti 106 11  
  5.  Gary Brandt 83 11  
  6.  Bradley Gronli 69 10  
7.  Robert Milk 69 5
8.  Richard Shea 62 11
  9.  Jason Harlan 61 6  
  10. Kelly Ann Burgar 60 16  
11. Don Grumpy Howard 53 9

August 2016 :

The new season starts out with William MacMillan (wy00191L) on top.  We all know how easy that can change during the season.

There are possible new tournaments at GameColony keep coming back to check the calendar.  Announcements will be made in the ACC Facebook group.

New Life eMasters - One Star
No member
reached 10,000 IRPs in August.

New Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs in August.

New Grand eMasters
No member
reached 4,000 IRPs in August.

New eMasters
No member
reached 2,000 IRPs in August.

Player of the Month - August

With a total of xx\\163 IRP's in August 2016 the Player of the Month is: William MacMillan (wy00191L).


ACC Internet Tournament Winners

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