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The ACC's Internet Cribbage Program gives members an opportunity to play in online tournaments, earn rating points, and compete for annual and lifetime awards.

ACC members who perform well in official ACC online tournaments receive Internet Rating Points (IRPs) in accordance with the guidelines described here. IRPs are accumulated throughout the season, which ends every year on July 31. The ten players with the most IRPs receive All-Internet honors, with the highest rated player being crowned Internet Champion. The top 10% of players earning IRPs receive an invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions, held each year at the Sands Casino in Reno.

IRPs are tabulated on both an annual and a lifetime basis. IRP standings are published monthly on this Web site and in Cribbage World.

How to Participate

  1. Join the ACC if you haven't already done so. To compete officially you must be an ACC member in good standing
  2. Familiarize yourself with the ACC rules for Internet play and tournament guidelines
  3. Presently, all tournaments are held at and  If you don't already have a GameColony screen name (nickname) or an eCribbage Login-ID, create one now and spend some time learning how to use the and eCribbage software. We suggest you practice with a few friendly matches in the Main Hall. If you have trouble getting started at Games, have a look at this document
  4. Once you have an established screen and/or an Login-ID name, register it with us using the online form. This will link your screen name to your ACC member information
  5. Consult the tournament schedule for dates and times of official events. There is no pre-registration  just sign up in the designated tournament room between 10 and 30 minutes before the start time. Some tournaments close after 64 or 128 entrants, and many tournaments allow nonmembers to play, so come early to guarantee yourself a place. Also be sure you have enough time to complete the tournament if you reach the later rounds (three hours usually suffices). Important: Tournament participants must be signed up prior to the running of the rules.  The rules are run five (5) minutes before the scheduled start time.  Once the Tournament Director has begun running the rules, they are not allowed to add participants to the tournament.  This is to provide the TDs the opportunity to verify that they have accurately entered all participants and to ensure the tournaments start at the scheduled time.

Check back often to this Web site for updated tournament schedules and IRP standings. We look forward to your participation. Good luck in the race for the Internet Cribbage Championship!

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   Tammy Gibbons      (Commissioner)
   John Schafer  (Asst. Comm.)
 Internet Statistician  (Statistician)
   Tim Julkowski (Asst. Stat.)
   Valerie Nozick
   Robert Milk (Advisor)
  Debra Lucas (Graphic Design)
   Roles and Responsibilities
   Tammy Gibbons
   Robert Milk (Advisor)

Tournament Directors


Game Colony

   Brad Gronli
  John Schafer (Coordinator for TD's @ GameColony)
  Paula Earl (GameColony TD - non-ACC member)


  Tammy Gibbons  (Lead TD)
  Debra Lucas (Graphic Design)
Ross Newmann
  Scott Milo
  Deb Moulies
  Rebecca Kauffman
  John Schafer  
  Rick Shea  

If you enjoy playing internet cribbage, how about spreading the joy by hosting an online tourney? Contact Tammy <> or John <> for more details.