ACC Internet Tournament Results

Thursday, December 9, 7:00 PM PDT
Pegging Pals single elimination
Single elimination, 4-stake matches (25 min. time limit)
Director: Annie Poppe (+Clas_syLady)
Total players: 76

Rank Name Screen Name IRPs
1 Rick Allen VA0198 63
2 Tom Lewis pegfast 45
3 Rick LaVallee KwizatzHaderach 30
3 Mike Rosenstock SirPegger 30
5 Scott Johnson ACC_CT_478 18
5 George Riley Babo389 18
5 Al Jean Simpson LdyBgood 18
9 Oscar Bergman southwind127 9
9 Ronald E. Boule' boomboom2996 9
9 Kelly Ann Burgar lil_thummper 9
9 Patricia Gossett orlady29 9
9 Bryan J. Gurden gurdszilla1 9
9 Hal Mueller _Ha1scrib_ 9
17 John R. Anderson _HIGHPOINT_ 3
17 David D. Braach papa349 3
17 David J. Brooks ShamIng 3
17 Don Eastwood NC310Crib 3
17 Donald LeVack _redeagle0 3
17 Donald Olney olney_1147 3
17 Larry Reed drcrib_3 3
17 Charles Rodgers KALEKAI 3
17 Cecily S. Ryan En_chanted1 3
17 Dan Taylor d1taylor956 3
17 Mark Van Dyke loosespokes1135 3
99 Dennis Allen DeadHoleDennis 0
99 Billy Barnes Billy_CA5177 0
99 Lyle Beiswenger luckylyle98 0
99 Jeff Bergman jsb172135 0
99 Mark Breneman force5racing 0
99 Dick Combie truescot7 0
99 Jim Crawford JNC_CA04328 0
99 Michael D'Elena RI971 0
99 Richard W. Duckworth duckmaster1 0
99 Michael Dungey mtd97045 0
99 Lillian Feinberg Minty_is_here 0
99 Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 0
99 Marilyn Gaudreau DisownedHarbor3 0
99 Virginia Grogan GeeGee327 0
99 Tom Jacobs tomjinva 0
99 Charles W. Janssen cjhere04 0
99 Delvin Kendrick _TX_2Step 0
99 Dan Marsh oldan1 0
99 Mary Ann Milliken hearsmam 0
99 Valerie Nozick ATLchica5 0
99 John Paddock Pedrohats 0
99 Linda A. Partain cheeky_parrot1 0
99 John Schafer netview85 0
99 Peter Stemler relmets 0

Only ACC members with certified screen names are listed. Players not qualifying for IRPs may be shown in a generic 99th place. Players who have already reached their annual quota of tournaments on the season are not awarded IRPs (a blank will appear in that column). Click here for a complete explanation of the Internet Rating Point (IRP) system, including eligibility requirements. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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