ACC Internet Tournament Results

Sunday, December 11, 2005, 12:30 PM PST
Pegging Pals single elimination
Single elimination, 4-stake matches (25 min. time limit)
Director: Rick LaVallee (+_Kwiz)
Total players: 70

Rank Name Screen Name IRPs
2 Ronald E. Boule' boomboom2996 45
3 Delvin Kendrick _TX_2Step 30
3 James McClish wildmac1941 30
5 Bob Bousquet tinsmith_2 18
5 Donald Olney olney_1147 18
5 Jack Wifladt polarbear_jack1 18
9 Jim Duff JDFromWalla2 9
9 Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 9
9 Kenneth C. Rasmussen fourones 9
17 Rick Allen VA0198 3
17 Linda D. Baldwin Diamond_Damsel 3
17 Kelly Ann Burgar lil_thummper 3
17 Daniel Crete creech11 3
17 Donald Dutcher dutchd2 3
17 Connie Ewka Tinker_001 3
17 Patricia Gossett orlady29 3
17 Dianne Harnick coorslight1 3
17 Harold Hilbert hhilbert46 3
17 Kaye Knight DUKT8P 3
17 Allen Nypen A0939 3
17 Adrian Parslow CorbLimeeGuv5 3
99 Lyle Beiswenger luckylyle98 0
99 Jennifer Buhrow ACC_PrincessJ 0
99 Scott Buhrow MrB_IA218 0
99 Nicholas Cheung nicholas179 0
99 Pamela Garey Hugs_Kisses_4U 0
99 Marie Harrington ma_lobs 0
99 Jim Hatch NHpegger 0
99 Dale Hayes vegashaze 0
99 Craig E. Jensen firstfifteen 0
99 Angela L. Lee hawaiianangi1 0
99 Pat Llewellyn patllew 0
99 Philip Mikal WhackedBobcat 0
99 Gerald D. Oxford jerryox 0
99 Karen S. Peake Peakie 0
99 Andy Roland muesli64 0
99 Ian Travers Bloke431 0
99 Mark Van Dyke loosespokes1135 0

Only ACC members with certified screen names are listed. Players not qualifying for IRPs may be shown in a generic 99th place. Players who have already reached their annual quota of tournaments on the season are not awarded IRPs (a blank will appear in that column). Click here for a complete explanation of the Internet Rating Point (IRP) system, including eligibility requirements. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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