ACC Internet Cribbage

Internet Tournament Results

Date: 8/7/2011
Style: ACC Single Elimination
TD Screen Name: David_Bowen
No. of Players: 52

Rank ScreenName Name IRPs
1 Redding_5943 Michael T. Burgess 45
2 IA503 Sam Sinram 30
3 weezieboop Elizabeth Miller 18
3 netview85 John Schafer 18
5 Dutchd2 Donald Dutcher 9
5 accoh157 Jeff Gardner 9
5 hintze1 Haley Hintze 9
5 pegs_crib Peggy Scalley 9
9 ron235 Ronald E. Boule' 3
9 xerotoo Patricia Gossett 3
9 cornellbigred1999 Paul Gregson 3
9 JohnInSD John A. Kern 3
9 Sgt_Pegger Scott A. Milo 3
9 oreo2757 Monica Newton 3
9 zeke11563 Brad Saunders 3
99 Excitations Rick Allen 0
99 BillyCA5177 Billy Barnes 0
99 cobrab_ Howard Bunton 0
99 importedlace Jean N. Butler 0
99 jrc92155 Jeff Crane 0
99 NC310 Don Eastwood 0
99 JMack55 Julie Felkins 0
99 surfitch Stephen Fitchett 0
99 mohini29 Marilyn Gaudreau 0
99 Rkck61 Don Gilder 0
99 OR1547 Virginia Grant 0
99 Dakesh Bradley Gronli 0
99 novatx237 David Hardy 0
99 kpjohnson Kyle P. Johnson 0
99 Tim_Oregon2854 Timothy M. Julkowski 0
99 Dan_MI_601 Dan Klein 0
99 Jillypepper Jill Kraatz 0
99 KinzuaKid Peter Kraatz 0
99 yanknshank29 Tom Langford 0
99 Lucky_Chuck Charles Lewis 0
99 mumsez Hazel MacKiddie 0
99 WY00191L William MacMillan 0
99 ihccbbfan1 Frank L. Parsons 0
99 trp3693 Tom Roy Perez 0
99 qqq55894 Steven E. Quinnell 0
99 nunzia Nancy R. Roncetti 0
99 Mr_Fish Larry Rozeck 0
99 ksanka George R. Shea 0
99 Ldybgood Al Jean Simpson 0
99 relmets Peter Stemler 0
99 mrbob254 Robert Van Gorder 0
99 streetpegger Thomas West 0
99 mrbernard Bernard Whitfield 0

Only ACC members with certified screen names are listed. Players not qualifying for IRPs may be shown in a generic 99th place. Players who have already reached their annual quota of tournaments on the season are not awarded IRPs (a blank will appear in that column). Click here for a complete explanation of the Internet Rating Point (IRP) system, including eligibility requirements. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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