ACC Internet Cribbage

Internet Tournament Results

Date: 10/22/2011
Style: ACC Single Elimination
TD Screen Name: $_TheOx_1
No. of Players: 40

Rank ScreenName Name IRPs
1 IA503 Sam Sinram 45
2 Tim_Oregon2854 Timothy M. Julkowski 30
3 MrViolet Bradley A. Johnson 18
5 Frazu2 Michelle Barthelmess 9
5 ron235 Ronald E. Boule' 9
5 nunzia Nancy R. Roncetti 9
5 mrbob254 Robert Van Gorder 9
9 chicopeekid Louis Choiniere 3
9 mohini29 Marilyn Gaudreau 3
9 Fred451 Robert M. Maupin 3
9 rcmay5 Richard May 3
9 SAC_CA_1 Gary Overstreet 3
9 eagle7374 John F. Reed 3
9 sirpegger Mike Rosenstock 3
9 netview85 John Schafer 3
99 CT31 Paul Batterson 0
99 cobrab_ Howard Bunton 0
99 lil_thummper Kelly Ann Burgar 0
99 Redding_5943 Michael T. Burgess 0
99 ca2281 John Dellarsina 0
99 Lyle3 Carlyle Elliott 0
99 OR1547 Virginia Grant 0
99 MTSharon Sharon Hejtmanek 0
99 master_va Andrew Hulcher 0
99 poet205 Joshua Kurz 0
99 rohrerboy Adrian Levy 0
99 Lucky_Chuck Charles Lewis 0
99 weezieboop Elizabeth Miller 0
99 seachica Valerie Nozick 0
99 muesli64 Andy Roland 0
99 zeke11563 Brad Saunders 0
99 pegs_crib Peggy Scalley 0
99 ksanka George R. Shea 0
99 relmets Peter Stemler 0
99 nomadnorm Norman C. Thompson Sr. 0
99 Goat_roper6134 Kathy Webster 0

Only ACC members with certified screen names are listed. Players not qualifying for IRPs may be shown in a generic 99th place. Players who have already reached their annual quota of tournaments on the season are not awarded IRPs (a blank will appear in that column). Click here for a complete explanation of the Internet Rating Point (IRP) system, including eligibility requirements. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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