ACC Internet Cribbage

20072008 Season Final Standings

(Updated 09/04/08)

Note:  You earn IRPs during the first 100 tournaments in which you participated.  We encourage everyone to play as many tournaments as they desire. 

Name Screen Name



Gary Wirth VertiGoAway 837 101
Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 702 105
James H. Morrow 29seeker 675 100
Scott Buhrow MrB_IA218 627 100
John F. Reed eagle7374 570 113
Douglas I. Henderson dih1633 558 98
Tom Lewis pegfast 558 100
Bill Medeiros bmedeiros 528 81
William A. Schultz floydandzep 525 105
Evelyn Osaka pennybear 519 127
Lewis Skidmore loskidmore 504 96
Elizabeth Miller weezieboop 498 126
Ed Bloom HeliumMan 495 117
John Schafer netview85 492 100
Rodney Duff rodd56 486 96
William MacMillan Bristlecone_1 483 105
Daniel Crete creech1 474 101
Mark Van Dyke loosespokes 471 120
John Dellarsina gin_professor 462 101
Tom Langford yanknshank29 459 100
Allen Nypen A0939 459 118
Richard Shea 610inchabs 447 104
David Bowen Soxwillwinitall 444 102
Kelly Ann Burgar lil_thummper 435 101
Bryan J. Gurden gurdszilla1 435 99
Shawn Hudson MuffinmanNC464 432 108
Valerie Nozick atlchica3 426 103
Peter Stemler relmets 423 137
Monica Hunt MTCZECH213 414 100
Don Eastwood NC310 408 100
Andy Roland muesli64 408 71
Mike Rosenstock sirpegger 405 96
Rick Allen 45556 378 123
Nancy R. Roncetti nunzia 372 71
Karen R. Dorcas KarenAK502L 357 109
Jeff Gardner accoh157 351 91
Patricia Gossett xerotoo 345 65
Lois M. Fosdal Ezmerelda 342 83
Larry Mayo pegslow 336 112
David D. Braach papa349 324 86
Jon Taylor AZ389 321 82
Ray Fischer Stinger96 312 84
Jeff Crane jrc92155 309 101
Todd D. Wolfley Darth_Tater 309 108
Sheila Crete damonsmom 306 107
Monica Newton oreo2757 303 94
Roger Grandgeorge unbridledhawk 300 72
George Riley MA847 300 74
Beth Witter bwitter 300 38
Marilyn Gaudreau mohini29 297 90


IRPs = Internet Rating Points earned this season
Ts = Tournaments played in this season (IRPs are only awarded for the first 100 tournaments)

Use the four grey buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate forward and backward through the standings.

The player finishing the season with the most IRPs receives the title of Internet Champion. The ten players earning the most points receive All-Internet honors. Players finishing in the top 10% of all rated players receive an invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions, held each year in Reno.

Click here for a complete explanation of the IRP system. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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