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Internet Rating Points (IRPs)

Internet Rating Points (IRPs) are awarded for high finishes in ACC Internet tournaments. They are tabulated on both an annual and a lifetime basis, and are separate from the Master Rating Points (MRPs) and Grass Roots rating points that can be earned through over-the-board play.

9-Game Tournaments

Effective August 1, 2014, 9-game tournaments are being held with a new IRP format. The scoring is 2 points for a win; 3 points for a skunk and 0 points for a loss. The game points are added to determine the total points for each player. All players earning 12 or more points earn IRPs.

The following table will be used to determine IRPs:

Game Points IRPs Calculation
12 3 1 + (2*1)
13 6 2 + (2*2)
14 11 5 + (2*3)
15 19 11 + (2*4)
16 27 17 + (2*5)
17 39 27 + (2*6)
18 53 39 + (2*7)
19 69 53 + (2*8)
20 87 69 + (2*9)
21 107 87 + (2*10)

Original Format 8/1/2011 - 7/31/2014

Beginning August 1, 2011, 9-game tournaments are being held. The scoring is 2 points for a win; 3 points for a skunk and 0 points for a loss. The game points are added to determine the total points for each player. All players earning 12 or more points earn IRPs. The goal is to ensure that through the change in the format, the IRPs earned in this format approximate the points that are available for earning in the other formats over a period of time. We are experimenting with a binomial distribution and will be awarding IRPS that start with 3 IRPs for a 12-point card and goes up based on the game points. The tournament winner gets the next higher point total.

Example: High Card of 20

Game Points IRPs
12 3
13-14 9
15-16-17 18
18-19 30
20 45
Top Player 63

Example: High Card of 16

Game Points IRPs
12 3
13 9
14 18
15 30
16 45
Top Player 63

During the first six month, the Statistician will evaluate the points earned by players and compare with prior years to determine if the ACC members are earning points at approximately the same rate.

Single Elimination Tournaments

You must reach at least the third round to earn IRPs in a single elimination tournament (For eCribbage, it depends on the amount of players in a lounge.  See notes below. The number of points you receive depends on the round in which you were eliminated, as shown below:

Round IRPs
3 3
4 9
5 18
6 30
7 45
8 63

Note: If in eCribbage, the best of three splits into 2 rooms. Each room will be treated as though it was its own tournament. As such, when there are 32 or fewer players in your lounge, the top 8 players receive IRPS. When there are 33 or more players in the lounge, the top 16 players receive IRPs.  If still confused see picture.ecribbage bracket explaination

Note that IRPs increase every round by a progressive factor of three. If you win the tournament, you are awarded points as though you had been eliminated in an additional (imaginary) round. Byes do not affect the calculation of IRPs.

Annual and Lifetime IRPs

IRPs accumulate both annually and over the lifetime of the player. Annual points are tabulated on the basis of a season commencing each year on August 1 and extending through July 31 of the following year. They are reset to 0 at the start of each season. Lifetime points carry over from season to season, and are never reset. There is no limit on the number of IRPs you may earn, and you do not lose accumulated IRPs if you become inactive or voluntarily leave the ACC.


To provide a level basis for annual competition IRPs are only awarded for the first 150 tournaments effective 08/01/2013. Previously the limit was 125 tournaments - effective during (08/01/2008-07/13/2013) and prior to that the limit was 100 tournaments during (2004-07/31/2008). Once you reach your annual tournament limit you will earn no more IRPs that season but are welcome to continue playing if you wish.

Due to the number tournaments now being held, we are exploring the idea of increasing the limit yet again next season.

Annual Honors

Annual honors are based on IRPs earned during that season. The player earning the most points receives the title of Internet Champion. The ten players earning the most points receive All-Internet honors. Players finishing in the top 10% of all rated players receive an invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions, held each year in Reno.

Lifetime Awards

IRPs accumulated over a player's lifetime will result in recognition at the following levels:

eMaster (eM)
eGrand Master (eGM)
eLife Master (eLM)
eLife Master - One Star(eLM1S)
eLife Master - Two Star(eLM2S)
eLife Master - Three Star(eLM3S)
eLife Master - Four Star(eLM4S)
eLife Master - Five Star(eLM5S)

IRP thresholds for these awards will be set by the ACC after the first full season of Internet play.

Players achieving the rank of eMaster or higher will receive a lifetime invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions.


To receive IRPs you must be an ACC member in good standing, and you must be certified by the ACC for Internet play. You are certified if you have successfully registered your screen name(s) using the online form or the appropriate space on your membership form, and you have received confirmation of this from the ACC.

Only ACC members certified for Internet play at the time of the tournament will receive IRPs for that tournament. No points will be awarded retroactively, except for new ACC members whose application and dues are received or postmarked no later than seven days after the tournament in which the IRPs were earned.

You can only earn IRPs in official ACC Internet tournaments that have been authorized by the ACC Internet Cribbage Commissioner and published in the schedule at the ACC Web site.

Reporting Discrepancies

You have one week following the publication of tournament results to contest the IRP awards for that tournament. If you feel you have not been credited with IRPs in a GameColony tournament to which you are entitled, please contact the tournament director (TD) first to confirm that your participation was accurately reported. If you feel you have not been credited with IRPs in a eCribbage tournament to which you are entitled, please contact Tammy Gibbons. Only if you do not receive a satisfactory response from the TD or Tammy should you then contact the Internet Cribbage Statistician.