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(Updated 01/14/2020)

December 2019:

Well, Well, Well.  Seems the leader can be caught.  Sam Sinram (ia503) and William MacMillan (wy0019l) are tied on the leader board.  This is a first, we have never had a tie for number 1.  But I see number 3 is tied also I think that is a first also.

Note: should this be the case at the end of the season, the player with the lowest number of tournaments played would be the Champion.

Reminder if you lapse and then become active again, drop us a line to assist in us catching up your IRP's.  The rules also changed on how far back we will go for lapsed to active for IRP's.

Life eMasters - One Star
Daniel Crete (dec0194( reached 10,000 IRPs in December.

Life eMasters
Sam Sinram (ia503) reached 6,000 IRPs in December.

New Grand eMasters
No member reached 4,000 IRP in December.

New eMasters
Scott A. Milo (sgt_pegger)
reached 2,000 IRPs in December.

Player of the Month - December
With a total of 159 IRP's in December 2019 the Player of the Month is: Daniel Crete (dec0194).


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ACC Internet Tournament Winners
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Top 10%

Rank Name ScreenName Tournaments Total IRPs
1 Sam Sinram IA503 77 446
1 William MacMillan WY00191L 66 446
2 Mel Ashley Mellifluousone 57 370
2 Gary Brandt Eaglear39 71 370
3 Daniel Crete dec0194 56 368
4 Pat Liegl patco1950 62 358
5 Peter Legendre legend397 50 356
6 Ian Travers Bloke82 66 342
7 Kelly Ann Burgar lilthummper_ 63 320
8 Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 44 304
9 Sue Edwards CO434Sue 57 286