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(Updated 09/20/2019)

August 2019:

I am way late in posting the information for Internet, I am sorry.  Multitude of issues:  First time for me (Assistant Commissioner) and Chris (Statistician) to start a new season with the database.

Second:  Congratulations to Carol Miller (carol1946) to start on top of the heap in the new season.

Life eMasters - One Star
No member reached 10,000 IRPs in August.

New Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs in August.

New Grand eMasters
No member reached 4,000 IRP in August.

New eMasters
No member reached 2,000 IRPs in August.

Player of the Month - August
With a total of 160 IRP's in August 2019 the Player of the Month is: Carol Miller (carol1946)


August 2019 news

ACC Internet Tournament Winners
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Top 10%

Rank Name Tournaments Total IRPs
1 Carol Miller 10 160
2 Don Grumpy Howard 14 132
3 Kelly Ann Burgar 14 114
4 Peter Legendre 15 113
5 William MacMillan 14 105
6 Sam Sinram 14 93
7 Sue Edwards 14 92
8 Mike Fetchel 10 83
9 John Schafer 11 81