Rule 12. Miscellaneous

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Rule 12.1. Recording Scores on Scorecards

When recording scores on scorecard, players must use only blue or black ink. Other colored inks are not acceptable for this purpose and must be used only by authorized persons when making corrections to the scorecards. In the game-points column, wins shall be recorded as 2 or 3 (for a skunk), and losses shall be recorded as 0 (X, /, or –). Finally, any single-digit point spread must be preceded by a zero on the scorecard.

Rule 12.2. Forfeitures during Playoffs

If a qualifier does not appear at the time scheduled to begin the playofs, the tournament director will allow five minutes before forfeiting the first gameto the opponent. Additional forfeitures will be made every fifteen minutes until a match is completed or until a qualifier appears. In any case, nonappearing qualifiers are still entitled to receive any prize money and MRPs that would have been awarded to the losers in that round.

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