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Cribbage Club Code of Congeniality

During a new player's trial period (four weeks or until they earn points — whichever is longer) . . .

  • We pledge to welcome new players warmly and make them feel wanted.
  • We pledge to not penalize new players for violating tournament rules. (We will, instead, gently tell them what the rule is and what the penalty would be.)
  • We pledge to not let new players underpeg points or undercount hands. (We will, instead, explain errors and then allow new players to take all points they are entitled to.)
  • We pledge to not make new players feel inferior if/when they miss points or make a bad play. (We will, instead, let them know that all cribbage players do this and that it is part of the learning process.)
  • We pledge to not force new players to play a game in fifteen minutes. (We will, instead, be tolerant and not complain, remembering that we, too, started slow.)
  • We pledge to allow new players to play for free or at the minimum cost of club expenses and Grass Roots/ACC dues.

After the trial period is up . . .

  • We pledge to continue to make all players — new and existing — feel welcome and comfortable at our club.