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Almost all ACC sanctioned tournaments are divided into two parts - a qualify round and a playoff round.

Qualifying Round

During the qualifying round each player plays the same numbers of games. Usually each game is against a different opponent. Two game points are awarded for a regular win, three game points for a skunk and no game points for a loss. At the end of the qualifying round the top 25% of the field makes the playoffs. Players are ranked in order of total game points to determine who qualifies (games won and point differential are used as tie-breakers). The top 50% of the qualifiers (the top 1/8th of the entire field) earn Master Points. Starting with the 2016/2017 season, the bottom 50% of the qualifiers will also earn Master Points. Main qualifiers who are in the bottom half of the qualifiers recieve 5 points while the bottom half of Consolation qualifiers receive 3 points.

If a player finishes in the top 1/8th of the field during qualifying the number of Master Points earned is determined by game points, the total number of qualifying games played, and whether the tournament is a Main event or a Consolation.

To see a particular breakdown of the Master Points select one of the following links:

Main Tournament

22 games 21 games 20 games 18 games
16 games 14 games 12 games  

Consolation Tournament

12 games 10 games 9 games 8 games
7 games      

After the qualifying round is complete and the playoff field has been determined the playoff round begins.

Playoff Round

The playoff round is usually a single elimination knockout tournament. Depending on the tournament, each round is either the best 2 out of 3 or the best 3 out of 5. Players are seeded and paired against one another based on how they qualify. Everyone who qualifies for the playoffs earns additonal Master Points based on which round of play they advance to and whether the tournament is a Main event or a Consolation.

Below is a table displaying how many Master Points are earned for each round. For example, losing in the 2nd Round of the Main Tournament earns 21 Master Points.

Main Tournament Consolation Tournament
Round Points Round Points
1 7 1 4
2 21 2 12
3 42 3 24
4 70 4 40
5 105 5 60
6 147 6 84
7 196 7 112
8 252 8 144
9 315 9 180
10 385 10 220