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Cribbage is a pastime that provides social opportunities to display true sportsmanship and respect for others, without rancor, animosity, or overwhelming self-interest during competition. In view of these goals, the following are considered to be some of the unacceptable practices and are grounds for suspension or expulsion from the ACC:

  • marking or deforming cards for identification or manipulative purposes
  • controlling the location of the cards in the pack before cutting for first deal or when dealing
  • secreting cards for later retrieval, including surreptitiously dropping excess dealt cards from the hand
  • changing or altering scorecards
  • intentionally playing poorly for the purpose of enhancing the record of an opponent
  • actions or conversation unbecoming a member of the ACC (drunkenness, abusive language, etc.)
  • initiating a violation of rules for the purpose of gaining an advantage, whether actually gained or not, even though the rules specify a penalty for the violation
  • communicating about the play of someone else's game in such a way that it affects the outcome
  • allowing an opponent to continue pegging backwards after the initial occurrence(s)
  • using one's position as ACC judge to purposely intimidate an opponent
  • actions detrimental to the objectives of the ACC including but not limited to any form of discrimination related to age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • "Judges shall not be allowed to judge a situation wherein they are a party to the dispute" - Update per Cribbage World, August 2018, page 27

By honoring all ACC rules, a player will have guidelines for good sportsmanship and fair play, resulting in an enjoyable experience for all participants.

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