Cross-checking Guidelines

  1. General considerations:
    1. Detailed information is available from the ACC regional tournament commissioner.
    2. Avoid "serpentine" seating arrangements that make the room one big table.
    3. A private location for checking is always an asset.
    4. Too much help is preferable to too little help.
    5. Corrections made while cross-checking should be initialed by the checker.
  2. Determine the number of qualifiers (rule 13.2.b).
  3. Collect all players' scorecards. Count them to be sure.
  4. Separate cards by game-point totals, disregarding seating assignments. Place in four piles: definite qualifiers, probable qualifiers, probable nonqualifiers, and definite nonqualifiers (the "dead zone"). Check player's game points and games won to be certain that the two numbers are not transposed (e.g., 14 game points with 29 games won).
  5. Check game-point totals for all but the "dead zone" by going down the plus spread column and mentally adding game points. Compare with the player's recorded total, and correct it if necessary.
  6. Check point-spread totals in the piles of definite qualifiers and probable qualifiers. Make any needed corrections.
  7. Tiebreakers are, in order:
    1. game points
    2. games won
    3. net point spread
    4. plus points
    5. head-to-head results from the current tournament’s qualifying round (if available)
    6. if head-to-head results are unavailable, one-game playoff (cut for first deal)

    [Editor note: the last two items were added per]

  8. Segregate the number of needed qualifying cards plus one extra (the presumed "high nonqualifier"). Take note of the high nonqualifier's score.
  9. Separate all of the scorecards by table number, but keep the qualifying and nonqualifying in separate piles. Put each pile in order by seating assignment.
  10. Cross-check in pairs, by tables, with one checker reading to the other. Usually, the person with the qualifying cards reads to the other checker what should be recorded on the nonqualifying cards (e.g., "Seat 5, game 8, lost by 15").
  11. Check dead-zone cards after each table is cross-checked to be sure that no qualifying cards have been overlooked.
  12. Assemble qualifiers' scorecards in order.
  13. Before posting or announcing play-off pairings, recount and recheck dead-zone cards again.
  14. Post the names of the qualifiers.
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