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Playoff Brackets and Byes

Information about ACC-sanctioned tournament procedures can be obtained from any of the regional tournament commissioners. The ACC requires that the following procedures be adhered to in a sanctioned tournament (unless an exemption is granted):

  1. All qualifying scorecards must be checked using a cross-checking system and tallying players' totals.
  2. One in four entrants must qualify for playoffs. Any fraction is rounded up to the next whole player (e.g., a tournament with 121, 122, 123, or 124 entrants will have 31 players in the playoffs). Do not round up to the next full bracket.
  3. The chart below displays the only approved bracketing for playoffs. Sections with multiple columns are read as if succeeding columns appear under the first column (e.g., in the 256-player bracket, the 5-60 pairing is below the 8-57 pairing: 3-62 is below 4-61; and 7-58 is below 6-59).
  4. Playoffs without a full bracket award first-round byes to the highest qualifier(s). To compute the number of buys:
    1. Determine the number of qualifiers per #2 above.
    2. Determine the size of the next full bracket (a power of 2: that is, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc.).
    3. Subtract a from b to determine the number of byes.
    4. Examples:
    5. Number of Entrants Number of Qualifiers Next Full Bracket Numberof Byes Explanation
      108 27 32 32-27=5 top 5 qualifiers get byes and 22 qualifiers play in first round
      132 33 64 64-33=31 top 31 qualifiers get byes and 2 qualifiers play in first round
      60 15 16 16-15=1 top qualifier gets a bye and 14 qualifiers play in first round

    6. The second round of the playoffs must have a full bracket.

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