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How to play at eCribbage:

*Lounge Screen View

You will now be at the lounge screen. All the active games are on the left side of the screen, and all of the players in that room at that moment are on the right side of the screen. Find your name, and notice that it has the word PRO in silver. The owner gives you a free month to see if you want to buy membership, or continue to play for free without the bells and whistles. Look at the top of the lounge to go to the “PRO” link in black for details. Your rating also appears behind your name. At the bottom left is a white chat area. Sometimes players will advertise for a game there, and you can see who is coming and going. The smaller white rectangle at the bottom middle is where you can put your chat, then hit enter. To the left of that, you can change your color of font. Once in a game/at your own table, there are other options to check out up at top.

*To Start your own game

At the top of the lounge screen you will see a menu bar. At the top left corner, Click GAME, then “Start New Game”. Slide across to choose the type of game (start with Traditional Cribbage), then slide over again to decide if you want to play with humans, or against robot HAL. All of the varieties of cribbage that are available on eCribbage are explained on the home page, down the left hand column. Social tournaments are also held in all of the various formats. ACC tournies are just a part of all of the tournaments that are available daily.

*Game Settings

You can change various game settings here on the window that pops up. You may want to choose “playing cards up” as the default setting keeps them down after the go or 31. Once you make your decisions, press the Start button.

*Statistics Window

A window will come up showing you and your "opponent's" statistics, just click “Play Now” to open the game.

*Cut for Crib

You will see a deck in the middle of the screen. Click anywhere on the cards to determine who gets the crib, then click again. Your hand will appear.

*Discard to Crib

Choose your two cards to discard by clicking on them, and then click on the “DISCARD “button.

*Play your Hand

Now you will start playing and pegging. Click a card to play it. You will see the total sum in green at the right.

*Count the Hands

Now the program will count the hands one by one. Click “count hands” to see both hands and crib score, and the breakdown of each on the right hand side.

*Continue Playing

Keep doing the same steps. When your game is over, you will get a pop up screen with choices. You can either choose “play again’ and a new game will open with the same settings, or click the X in the upper right corner of that box. Then you can choose “visit lounge” in the middle of the upper row, or choose the X in that box to exit the game.