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Please note:

If your name that you play with in the ACC tourneys at both eCribbage or GameColony does not exactly match the name(s) you chose to register with for each site, you will not get credit for the IRPs you meant to have earned.   The new ACC statistician will no longer be required to look back to cross check, as this causes hours of tedious (volunteeer) work. This also means that "grandfathering in" will no longer happen.  

It is up to you to simply sign in with your EXACT screen name--which includes correct upper/lower case, spaces and underscores. If you don’t know the spelling of the screen name you registered at either site check: 

Another option is to register a new name, so it is suggested that you do so immediately, if necessary.  Go to   It is much easier to change/reset it here to the exact name you sign in with already, than to try to change it on the playing sites. 

Thanks for your cooperation.

John Schafer

Assistant Internet Commissioner


November 2020: Sam Sinram (ia503) is trying to run away on the leader board.  Gary Brandt is giving a hard chase.

Please contact John Schafer if you have a dispute about Internet Rating Points.

Life eMasters - One Star
No member reached 10,000 IRPs in November.

Life eMasters

Mel Ashley (mellifluousone) reached 6,000 IRPs in November.


Grand eMasters

James H. Morrow (29seeker)  reached 4,000 IRPs in November.



No member reach 2,000 IRPs in November.

Player of the Month - November
With a total of 157 IRP's in November 2020 the Player of the Month is: Sam Sinram (ia503).


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Top 10%

Player GC_Screen_Name eCribbage_Screen_Name Tournaments IRPs
Sam Sinram IA503 IA503 86 550
Gary Brandt Eaglear39 Eaglear39 78 428
Ed Bloom heliumman heliumman 95 409
Jeff Raynes jeffraynes29 jeffraynes29 73 394
Ronnie Murakami HApegger1 Hapegger 72 366
Kelly Ann Burgar lilthummper_ lilthummper 85 360
Nancy Rojas nancribdr nancribdr 88 359
Daniel Crete dec0194 dec 47 350
Teri Murdy MsT7536 Terim 79 346
Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 mfetchCT425 54 338
Kristy Haught NC494 NC494 62 334
Don Grumpy Howard GrumpyDopey7 GrumpyDopey3 57 332
Meg Maenpaa megaclarinets megaclarinets 75 326
Carl McCullum absentsqingshao absent 57 322
Jennifer Bolles Jebbbifer Jebbbifer 100 300
Mel Ashley Mellifluousone Mellifluousone 93 293
Les Kvien mundypegger Les K 69 292
Dan Selke KindofBlue KindofBlue 61 291