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Mark Van Dyke (age 59)

The first eMaster, first Grand eMaster and first Life eMaster has left us and is playing cribbage on a higher level. Mark still holds the record for most tournament wins on-line. Until his recent illness, he held the record for most IRP's (he has since been passed by Mike Fetchel).

Mark had always competed both online and at tournaments here in Michigan. We always made a point when meeting in person to play best of 3 outside the tournament.

Mark's play was the same online as it was in person - very tough. He rarely made a mistake until the cancer and treatment had taken a toll on him. Mark had always been active in grassroots but golf came first (lol).

Although Mark had been the number one Internet player multiple times, he attended the TOC in Reno once. More important than all of that, Mark was a friend. We often would talk via Facebook chat and we always made a point to play a game when we met in person. The first time we played in person it was because Mark was number one and I was number two on-line. He will be missed by so many.

-- John Schafer (netview85) Assistant Internet Comissioner