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TOC Invitational Tournament

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The Tournament of Champions is an annual tournament played in Reno, Nevada in February/March. During each ACC season, members can earn their invitation in various ways, see criteria below. Because the TOC is an invitation-only tournament, no MRPs are awarded. The format is a 16-game qualifying round, playing one game against sixteen opponents. The top 25% qualify for the playoffs, best 3 of 5. The entire tournament is played with Muggins.


1. One Year Invitations:

    a. Top 16 finishers of Tournament of Champions.
    b. Anyone with as many Master Rating Points as the 50th player in a region.

2. Two Year Invitations:

    a. Winner of a Sanctioned event (Main or Consolation).
    b. Top 10% of rated members Grass Roots 4 divisions.
    c. Top 10% of rated members in the Internet Rated Players.
    d. Champion of the Grass Roots club.
    e. Grass Roots National Tournament Winner.
    f. Grass Roots Regional Tournament Winners.

3. Three year Invitation:

    a. Top 50 Master Points Rated players from each region.

4. Ten Year Invitation:

    a. Champion of Tournament of Champions.

5. Automatic Invitations:

    a. Anyone reaching a Master rating before the end of the previous season.
    b. Anyone reaching a Bronze rating in Grass Roots before the end of the previous season.
    c. Anyone reaching an eMaster rating in Internet Cribbage before the end of the previous season.

In addition, you must be a member of the American Cribbage Congress. You must also be 21 by the time the TOC is played or you can receive a deferment by contacting the Tournament of Champions Directors: Todd Schaefer at (651) 338-8116 or or Patrick Barrett at (715) 323-5027 or