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John Chambers - Tip #12

Third Street, part 1

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Third Street consists of holes 61 through 90. The objective for Third Street is to be at least at hole 70 with your having the three counts to get position on fourth street. The further from Fourth Street your opponent is the better your chance to play on if you need to.

Your Deal, You are ahead by 8 or more

Good or Excellent Hand: It is your deal. You are at hole 69 with your opponent at hole 61. Since you have such a good hand, don't try to peg. This good hand will mean that you will need less in your next hand to get your position on Fourth Street. With your opponent at hole 61, even a 24 will only put him at hole 85. By playing off, even if your opponent does get a very large hand he won't get the position he wants. Playing on at this point can only hurt your position and help your opponent.

Poor or Average Hand: It is your deal. You are at hole 69 with your opponent at hole 61. Since you don't have a good hand, play on. Remember, even if your opponent gets a 24 hand he will be only at hole 85. You will need to get to around hole 85 after you count your Crib. This means that if you don't play on, you'll make getting your position on Fourth Street even tougher. Remember, you need about sixteen holes between the Play and the Crib this time in order to get average position. Your opponent will need about 35 holes this time for position. So don't be afraid to play on. The less you peg this time, the more you will need as the nondealer next time.

Opponent's Deal, You are Ahead by 8 or More

Good or Excellent Hand: Again assume that you are at hole 69 while your opponent is at hole 61. It's your opponent's deal which means that your opponent has the Crib. Assume you get a dozen in your hand. In this case, you should play off. With a dozen in your hand it means that you will get to at least hole 81. You will be in good position to get onto Fourth Street with your three counts. Your opponent needs 35 holes to get into position on Fourth Street. That's a lot of holes even with three counts. Playing on can only help your opponent and hurt your position.

Poor or Average Hand: You are at hole 69 while your opponent at hole 61. You already have the Third Street position you want. Your opponent needs to get 35 holes in his three counts. So play off. Pegging can only help your opponent's position. Remember, after this hand your opponent wants to reach hole 86. That is 25 holes he needs to reach his goal, nine holes above the average. Don't let him get the nine holes by pegging.

If it is your opponent's deal and you have your Third Street position described above, you should be willing to break up your hand in order to balk your opponent's Crib when appropriate.

- Republished from Cribbage: A New Concept by permission. Text copyright © 2002 by John Chambers. All rights reserved.

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