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DeLynn Colvert - Tip #16

The first non-dealer's par holes

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In previous articles, we discussed the Twenty-Six Theory. Memorize the "par" holes in this, and the previous tip, both for the dealer and for the non-dealer. Note the position of the "par" holes when you will be the non-dealer and having first count. The game may be very slow, or very fast game, and you will have to readjust your game, perhaps several times, to maintain your advantage, or trying to attain an advantage. Many games will be played that the luck of the draw simply forbid your winning, despite all your efforts of maintaining, or attaining, board position.

But, by playing these "par" holes to attain board position you will improve your winning average. Over average players, you should win an extra twelve games in every hundred played! That's the winning edge!

The Nondealer's Par Holes

- Republished from Play Winning Cribbage by permission. Text copyright © 2002 by DeLynn Colvert. All rights reserved.

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