Grass Roots Tournament of Champions (GRTOC)

In conjunction with the ACC's Grand National, Grass Roots holds an annual Tournament of Champions (GRTOC). The winners of local clubs from around the country are invited to compete in this 12-game Grass Roots style tournament.

Winners of local clubs may compete in the GRTOC for three years after winning the championship.

Will you be the next GRTOC Champion?

GRTOC Champions

2006Cres FernandezSanta Rosa, CA8622/10 +221
2007David StatzDerry, NH31420/10 +73
2008Ron GustafsonPort Angeles, WA30420/9 +152
2009Paul GregsonAntioch, CA5423/11 +165
2010Sandra StroupElgin, IL319/9 +113
2011Rollie HeathKeizer, OR4621/10 +147
2012William MacMillanCheyenne, WY21121/10 +119
2013Boyd LundquistNorthfield, MN38822/9 +114
2014Ray KlockoHenderson, NV36018/9 +49
2015Tim KrawfordGreen Bay, WI15721/10 +122
2016Peter LegendrePittston, ME37520/9 +116
2017Rick BairdBend, OR1221/10 +84
2018???? ??????????????, ??????/?? +???
Players Eligible for GRTOC #13
Player [ACC#]ClubInvite
List available after the 2017/18 Season is Finalized.