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Grass Roots Membership Drive

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Let's Make Grass Roots Membership Drive A Top Priority!

Take advantage of the summer months to recruit new players. They will have up to 3 months to acclimate themselves to tournament play.

Market your club by getting onto social media. Have your tech-savvy club member create a Facebook Group page. If you do not have a member that can set this up, click here. Once a page is created, a member can be put in charge of posting weekly stats or other club news. That same member could request to be a member of other local groups which they could then post information about your club to get the word out. Once your Facebook Group has been created, be sure to 'Like' the American Cribbage Congress Facebook page.

Think more internet presence! Checkout the following websites:,,, may also have a local section. If the location you have your Club at has a website, ask if you could add your club listed under their 'Events' section.

Print up business cards and flyers which have your club's meeting time and location. Download the fillable pdf for business cards and customize with your club's information. Print them out on card stock. Download the fillable pdf for the flyer. Distribute these to your members to handout or display at different local businesses that they frequent (barber shop, beauty salon, nail salon, coffee shop, etc.).

Contact Dan Zeisler (ACC Youth Program) about how to teach cribbage to students in your local school district. There's a chance you may sign-up a parent or two, or even a teacher.

Be creative in recruiting new members - man a booth at a local flea market, display a banner or sign outside of your meeting location, contact your local newspaper to find out about running a small article on your club and make sure to carry business cards with you to handout to individuals you meet.

Remember, the club director shouldn't be the only person doing all of the work.