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Starting a Grass Roots Club

When you think you have 10-12 players who are interested in competing nationally while playing at the local level...

  • Find a suitable place to play. Do not offer to pay rent. Many clubs have little difficulty convincing operators of restaurants and bars, fraternal organizations, etc., that it would be to their advantage to let you play - without charge - in their facility. Banquet style tables seating 6-9 are preferred. Good lighting and ventilation are also important.

  • Develop a mailing list and an advertising plan. Utilize the local Shopping Guide or weekly newspaper, which usually have reasonable rates. Radio/TV stations may give you a few lines as a 'public service'. Place posters and leaflets in places where people congregate. Even more important - urge your members to invite their friends to come with them and play as a 'Guest' (once or twice).

  • At the earliest practical date, publish and distribute to your members, as well as your prospects, a tentative playing schedule to stimulate recruitment and retention.

  • Publication of a club newsletter, and scheduling of a year-end get together does much to increase club sociability, and makes it easier to set the stage for the following season.

  • You might want to consider having an organizational meeting, at which new players would be offered the opportunity to play without paying into or sharing the prize fund. It would also make it possible for the Club Director to explain the Grass Roots Rating Point System and the Grass Roots Awards Program, as well as the local payoff schedule, to new players.

How to Obtain a Grass Roots Charter

If you do not have an Application for Charter Form, you may apply by letter to:

Ivan Wells
Grass Roots Commissioner
39 Fischer Lane
Tijeras, NM 87059
(505) 600-5747

If applying by letter, include:

  • The planned name of your club
  • Playing site, if known
  • Name and phone number of Club Director
  • Name and phone number of Contact Person, if other than Club Director
  • Anticipated number of tournaments to be scheduled between September 1st and May 31st of the next year (Maximum: 36 Regular 6-Game or 9-Game Tournaments, plus one 18-Game Grass Roots National Tournament (GRNT), and one 18-Game Grass Roots Regional Tournament (GRRT).
  • One-time $15 Charter Fee, payable to "ACC Grass Roots".

Materials needed to begin playing will be forwarded upon receipt of the Charter Application.

NOTE: New Clubs may be chartered and begin playing at any time during the season, in competition with other clubs scheduling approximately the same number of tournaments during the playing season.