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Cribbage Board Game Variations 2

In my last article, I did a partial review of the cribbage board game variations about which I have information, and this is the second of 3 segments to the listing. Board game variations have been in production for many years, but their popularity appears to be minimal at best. I guess that a good old-fashioned hand of standard cribbage suits us better than a game variation, for most of us spend a lifetime trying to improve our less than perfect skills!

I do feel, however, an obligation to document all the game variations, for they play a vital role in the history of the cribbage board - at least in the philosophy behind the game. The listing tends to demonstrate that the game of cribbage has been so popular down through the years that there has been room for the variations. Or, perhaps some of the inventors hoped to copy Sir John's successful venture in adapting an old game into a new one, as he did when he re-configured Noddy into Cribbage and improved his riches!

The listing continues with the following additions, and I truly hope that you will feel free to contribute any additional information that you may have on cribbage board game variations. As you can see, I am listing in alphabetical order, so information on any game before Pegosaurus alphabetically which isn't listed in my columns hasn't been brought to my attention yet.

Cross Cribb

Designed by Tony Nelson
Published by Maynards
Copyright 1996
Boxed game and instructions on file

Description: Folding board (22 X 22") , score pads, Cross Cribb deck of cards, pencil, 1 die. Objective of game is to peg 31 points by building higher total cribbage score hands before opponent.

Golfer's Cribbage

Invented by Marjorie A. and William M. Kendrick
Patent # 4598912 7/08/86
Board on file No instructions available

Description: Wooden board (23½" X 9") with stenciled 9 hole golf course on face, each green containing a white hole. Players have separate pegging streets, except for the 9 white holes on each green, which they share. Pegging is to 121 points.

Grand Prix Cribbage

Manufactured in 1980's
Photo on file
No board or instructions available.

Description: Game board of clear acrylic plastic, with an auto racetrack and 121 pegging holes on face. Grand Prix Cribbage is a game which combines all the thrill and excitement of a Grand Prix auto Race with the challenge and fun of traditional cribbage. In Grand Prix Cribbage, players race each other around a twisting, turning two lane track using traditional Cribbage scoring methods.

Through strategic card play and tactical pegging each player attempts to avoid Collisions, Oil Spills, and Spin outs while trying to force his opponent into them. By crossing over into the inside lane before each turn in the track, a player can actually shorten the overall distance from 121 holes - as in traditional Cribbage - to 107 holes. The excitement and challenge begins from the very first hand as both players vie for contral of the inside lane throughout the race.

By taking advantage of the powerful "Slipstream" a trailing player can change the entire face of a game in just one hand! You'll see surprising finishes and enjoy endless tactical options throughout each and every game. There will never be a dull cribbage game again!

Grand Prix Cribbage is as easy to learn as Cribbage - a snap if you already play Cribbage - but demands tactical pegging, strategic card play, and a fair amount of old fashioned luck!

It's really a lot of fun and plays very well!

The above information came from the creator of the original game, Dan Bader (D. Bader, Copyright 1985), it was distributed by Drumski Enterprises.

Open Cribbage

Copyright 1996
No board or instructions available

Description: Pine playing board (27 X 17") contains 5 rows of 5 rectangles (total 25 rectangles) as well as a Brooks-style cribbage track for pegging, located at the top of the board.


Allan Ltd.
Copyright 1991
Board, cards and instructions on file

Description: pressed wood board (11" X 8½") with 58 holes for the win. Face of board has a decal of a dinosaur, and 58th hole is located in his nose. Board is drilled so that it can be stored in a school notebook. Set of 40 special dinosaur playing cards . Fun for ages 4 to adult.

This concludes Part 2 of the cribbage board game variation listing, and I hope that it has been informative!

If you would like additional information about these boards or information about cribbage board collecting and the Cribbage Board Collectors Society, please Email me or send a letter.

[Editor's note: Bette is no longer able to respond to emails. If you have questions, please contact Jay Fulwider at:]

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