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(Updated 9/30/2018)
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ACC Rookie of the Year

Each season, the first-year player with the most Master Rating Points for that season is named the ACC Rookie of the Year.

Season Player City/State
2018-2019 Roland ConnerDerry, NH (208 MRPs)
2017-2018 Trevor PooleCrescent City, CA (611 MRPs)
2017-2018 (also) Stanley PrimcLoyal, WI (557 MRPs)
2016-2017 Tristan BacochSacramento, CA (461 MRPs)
2015-2016 Philip DenoncourtConcord, NH
2014-2015Jeremy KriegerSalem, OR
2013-2014Cynthia WarkChester, MD
2012-2013Margaret FanucchiSebastopol, CA
2012-2013Arthur LovelandBrighton, MI
2011-2012Peter LegendrePittston, ME (746 MRPs)
2010-2011Terry HigginsHayward, CA (246 MRPs)
2009-2010Ian SymonsMadras, OR
2008-2009Chresmon ChingLas Vegas, NV
2007-2008Marty J. SchmidtPlymouth, WI
2006-2007George BryerSaugus, MA
2005-2006Michael DuffyFallbrook, CA
2004-2005Mark SouleWoolwich, ME
2003-2004Jerry HardyBowdoin, ME
2002-2003George "Big Kahuna" NeujahrWatsonville, CA
2001-2002Dave CampbellParsonsfield, ME