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Roseburg Youth Cribbage Tournament – John C. Fremont Middle School, Roseburg, OR – January 12, 2019

Forty Six (46) Youth Players attended the Roseburg, OR Youth Tournament. The farthest traveling 100 miles. There were Twenty Eight (28) in the 12 and Older:

Daniel Burkey

Rank Player Age City/State
1st Daniel Burkey age 14 Roseburg, OR
2nd Cash Stallsworth age 13 Central Point, OR
3rd Dartanyan Calvert age 13 Sutherlin, OR
4th Jade Esper age 13 Roseburg, OR
5th/8th Ben Hill age 14 Roseburg, OR
5th/8th Symone Rust age 12 Roseburg, OR
5th/8th Tanner Harris age 14 Roseburg, OR
5th/8th Adam Leaton age 16 Roseburg, OR

Grand Slam - Dartanyan Calvert

There were Eighteen (18) in the 11 and Under: All of the players in this age group began playing only a few months ago.

Ethan Smith

Rank Player Age City/State
1st Ethan Smith age 10 Roseburg, OR
2nd Thomas Larson age 10 Roseburg, OR
3rd Nicholas Cunningham age 11 Roseburg, OR
4th Connor McLean age 11 Roseburg, OR
5th/6th Aaron Familio age 9 Roseburg, OR
5th/6th Dallas Johnson age 11 Roseburg, OR

Grand Slam - Nicholas Cunningham

Connor McLean (11 years old) had a 28 hand during the qualifying play. 10 minutes before Conner had asked Tracy Grauer what hand was bigger that a 24 and she explained that a 28 hand was. He then asked "how do you get a 28 hand?", and Tracy told him that it took four 5's and any 10 count card. We guess he knew what to look for!

Ethan Leaton

There were 19 in the Consolation:

Rank Player Age City/State
1st Ethan Leaton age 13 Roseburg, OR
2nd Ejay Pangilinan age 15 Roseburg, OR
3rd Max Falenni age 12 Roseburg, OR
4th Katrlyn Jakubos age 16 Roseburg, OR
5th Heath King age 12 Roseburg, OR

Grand Slams in the Consolation: Ethan Leaton and Ejay Pangilinan

Seven (7) Adults from the Timber Capital Cribbage Club #62 helped with the Tournament: Jerry Hahn; Skip White; Dave Gulkison; Mike McCammon; Duane Toll; Diana Webster; Kathy Hahn.

Also, helping with the prizes and awards was Sandy Howard

Tournament Director: Tracy Grauer & Co-Director, Don Grumpy Howard

The winners from the Youth Santa Slam Tournament – December 8, 2018 – Antioch, CA

Angelina Villalobos

It was girl power all the way...

In the 11-and under, 10 year old Angelina Villalobos (above) from Chico, CA defeated 10-year old Charlize Legendre from Antioch, CA. This was Angie's first youth win. (Which she promptly followed with her first adult win!)

In the 12-and-over, the lone girl, Abigail Radke (17) from Roseville, CA beat all the boys as she was both the high qualifier and winner. Second place went to Wyatt Hagan (15) of Rio Vista, CA. This was Abbey's first win as well.

From left to right: Wyatt Hagan; Abigail Radke; Charlize Legendre; Angelina Villalobos