New Consy Lite Format

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Beginning August 1, 2018, the ACC will be experimenting with a new consolation format. This is an option for one-day tournaments only - tournaments in which the main tournament and consolation are played on the same day.

What is the format?
It is a playoff-only format. All players who enter a consy lite are placed into a bracket to play best-of-three single elimination matches. There is no qualifying round.

Who can enter?
Anyone can enter, whether they play in the main tournament or not.

How is the bracket created?
The bracket is created in three steps: (1) determine who gets first-round byes (2) randomly draw those who don't get byes into round one (3) randomly draw those who get byes into round two.

How do you determine the byes?
First, you must determine how many byes there are. A perfect bracket would have 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. players (a power of two). To figure out how many byes you have, find the first perfect bracket above your number of entries and the difference is how many byes you have. For example, if you have 40 entries then you have 64-40 = 24 byes and the remaining 16 people play in the first round.

Once you determine the number of byes, the byes are awarded to the players with the best scores in the main qualifying round. Anyone who didn't play in the main are ranked after everyone who did.

This requires cross-checking the non-qualifying scorecards for the main as you crosscheck the main. In the above example, you would select the 24 best scorecards from the main and those people would get byes. The other 16 would play in the first round.

Doing it this way rewards people who just miss qualifying in the main, and incents people having a bad main not to give up as they might get a bye in the consy lite.

How do you fill in the bracket?
Once you know who will be playing in round 1 and round 2 have those playing in round 1 randomly draw seed numbers. So in the above example, players would draw numbers 25-40 randomly. Players getting byes would draw numbers 1-24 randomly and placed into the bracket accordingly. Having numbers sorted sequentially in advance to be able to split them into two piles will save time.

Who wins money and earns master points?
Anyone who makes it to Round 3 wins money and earns MRPs.

How many MRPs are awarded?
Players eliminated in Round 3 earn 6 MRPs.
Players eliminated in Round 4 earn 18 MRPs.
Players eliminated in Round 5 earn 27 MRPs.
Players eliminated in Round 6 earn 39 MRPs.

See MRP tables below for exact MRPs for different tournament sizes.

How did we come up with this points system?
Because the consy lite is a slightly shorter format, the base number for MRPs is 3 versus 4 for regular consolations.

Because there is no qualifying round, this scoring system awards both qualifying MRPs and playoff MRPs at the same time.

Those eliminated in Round 3 are equivalent of those who qualify in the bottom half of the qualifiers and receive 3 qualifying MRPs. Those eliminated after Round 3 are equivalent of those who qualify in the top half of the qualifiers and receive 9 qualifying MRPs.

In addition to qualifying MRPs, playoff MRPs are awarded using the standard formula, meaning a Round 3 loss is 3 MRPs, a Round 4 loss is 9 MRPs a Round 5 loss is 18 MRPs, a Round 6 loss is 30 MRPs and so forth.

Adding the qualifying and playoff MRPs determines the total MRPs.

How much should it cost to play?
For those who lose their first match they may just play two games. Because of this it's recommended to charge slightly less for this format. Ultimately what you charge is up to you, but an entry fee of $20 is a baseline.

What type of side pools can you run?
You could do the equivalent of an equal Q and pay everyone who reaches Round 3.

You could run a winner-takes-all pool awarded to the person who makes it the farthest.

MRP Tables
The following tables show how many MRPs are awarded for different size consolations:

12-16 players

Place Qualifying MRPs Playoff MRPs Total MRPs
1 9 18 27
2 9 9 18
3-4 3 3 6

17-32 players

Place Qualifying MRPs Playoff MRPs Total MRPs
1 9 30 39
2 9 18 27
3-4 9 9 18
5-8 3 3 6

33-64 players

Place Qualifying MRPs Playoff MRPs Total MRPs
1 9 45 54
2 9 30 39
3-4 9 18 27
5-8 9 9 18
9-16 3 3 6

65-128 players

Place Qualifying MRPs Playoff MRPs Total MRPs
1 9 63 72
2 9 45 54
3-4 9 30 39
5-8 9 18 27
9-16 9 9 18
17-32 3 3 6