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We encourage anyone in the ACC to promote the organization, and welcome press inquiries about cribbage, the American Cribbage Congress, Grass Roots clubs or weekend tournaments.

For further information, please contact James Marrow at

American Cribbage Congress logo

This is the ACC logo, and may be used on flyers, web sites or other material promoting local Grass Roots clubs or tournaments. For other uses, please contact

American Cribbage Congress logo with URL

This is the ACC logo which includes the URL. This is the preferred version to use on flyers promoting local Grass Roots clubs or tournaments that do not have their own separate URL. For other uses, please contact

ACC Style Guide

You should follow the attached guidelines whenever writing about the ACC, grass roots clubs, or weekend tournaments.

How to Play Cribbage

This document explains how to play cribbage, in a short, easy to read way. We recommend giving this to anyone new to the game.

"Cribbage Anyone?" brochure

This tri-fold brochure is available to print and distribute anywhere where we want to raise awareness of the ACC. Please make sure to include either your contact information or in the "Your Local Contact" box before printing it out.

ACC Business Card template

This template can be used to print business cards to hand out to potential new members. Please make sure to fill out your local club information before printing the business card.

Cribbage Rules for New Grass Roots or Tournament players

This page helps players new to Grass Roots or tournaments to quickly understand some of the differences between ACC play and home play. We recommend printing this and handing it out to any new players.

Points counting sheet

This handout is great for new players, or those who need a counting refresher. We recommend printing this and handing it out to new players, or distributing it to potential members at other cribbage and gaming events.