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Cribbage Board Game Variations 1

Did you know that there are at least 18 variations to the BASIC game of cribbage? There is the basic 2 or 4 handed game, and then there are the 5 card, 7 card, 11 card and 13 card cribbage games. There is Solitaire (regular or square), also Low-Ball Cribbage or Give Away Cribbage. But did you know that there are also versions called Captain's Cribbage, Crazee Cribbage, Marine Madness and Cribbage to Lose? These games all use a standard cribbage board, and if you look in any book written about the game of cribbage, you will find references to these cribbage games as well as several others.

Now let's take a look at the cribbage games having rules which differ from the standard game and which use a board (or acceptable substitute) which varies in design from the standard board. The variations of the game of cribbage are endless, and date back to at least 1875, when McLoughlin Bros. published CRIBBAGE AUTHORS. In addition to the games listed below, many others have been produced but are not yet documented in the files of the Cribbage Board Collectors Society. Any information that the readers can add to our files would be greatly appreciated.

This listing contains only games which are not electronic or computerized, and they use a non-standard style cribbage board or a worksheet which is accepted as an alternative to one.

Bonus Cribbage

Bonus Cribbage Company Minneapolis, MN
Copyright 1959 Blaine G. Danielson
Boxed Board and Instructions on File

Description: Board (11¼ X 3"): 3 sets of black and 3 sets of red streets (total of 60 holes) on either side of center streets of solid yellow: end of board pivots for peg storage. Instructions included for 2, 3 or 4 players.

Cribbage Authors

McLoughlin Bros.
Entered into the Act of Congress 1875
Instruction Booklet on File
Playing Cards (72) not available

Description: Cards- divided into 18 Books, each containing names and works of one author only, the different books varying in color. The cards could be a generic deck of AUTHORS, played to the rules for CRIBBAGE AUTHORS.


JK Games Inc.
Copyright 1991
Boxed Board and Instructions on File

Description: Flat hard board with outline of golf course containing 121 holes. Combines Cribbage with golfing, using penalties for landing in certain holes when pegging. Complete set includes game board (22 X 9¼"), deck of playing cards, dice, scorecards, pegs, and rules booklet.


Becton Enterprises, Inc.
Copyright 1991
Boxed Board and Instructions on File

Description: "The Game of Crib-Poker". Combines the game of cribbage and poker, using a set of cards which vary from the standard set. Complete set includes Cribble game board (14 X 9 ¼"), Cribble cards, "House Rules" card, pegs, playing cards, and rules booklet.


JK Games, Inc.
Copyright 1991
Boxed Board and Instructions on File

Description: Combines the game of cribbage with horse racing. Complete set includes Race Track board, CribbRacing forms, position cards, playing cards, peghole totes, pegs, and rules booklet.

Cribbage Football

William D. Goodwin
Copyright 1977
Instructions on file

Description: The board pegs to 25, then back down. (no photo available)

This completes Part I of cribbage board game variations, and I hope that you have enjoyed the information provided in this section. Next article, we will review more variations, including Golfer's Cribbage and Grand Prix Cribbage.

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