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Cribbage Board Game Variations 3

For some reason, the alphabetical listing of the cribbage board game variations seems to contain most of the older games at the end of the alphabet! In my continuing research into this category, I have not uncovered any new listings since Part I was published, BUT, I did locate a Cribbage Football board, making that listing complete in my archives. A photo of the board is now available for updating the files.

As we continue with the final segment, we see that one of the boards, Western Cribbage, never made it to the point of manufacture, but I was totally impressed with it when I originally received a copy in the 1980's. It is a proud addition to my collection, for the inventor utilized his many skills in the creative process. If you check some of other boards in these articles which were manufactured at a later date, the similarity of style shows that Mr. McSpaddon was on the right track!


D Higgins Enterprises
Copyright 1983
Boxed game and instructions on file

Description: Score sheet is used instead of cribbage board. Deck of regular cards included. The objective of the game is to build the best 5 hands from cards dealt at random. Score sheet records the 5 hands.

PentaKribb with Tuface

DalJon, Inc.
Boxed game on file

Description: Score sheet used instead of cribbage board. Deck of cards has 40 cards, 28 which are regular face, 12 which have 2 cards on each face(TUFACE) for a total of 52 cards (regular deck). Objective is to build the best hands with each player using the same cards.

Philadelphia Lawyer or Cracker Barrel Cribbage

"An Old Country Store Game Formerly Played on the Top of a Cracker Barrel." "Patent Pending" printed on board as well as the title of game.
by Recreational Games, Inc. Northbrook, IL
No Instructions Available
Photo of Board Available

Description: Round board 16" diameter: shaped like top of barrel. Black decal on natural wood: Three circlular, evenly spaced sets of 16 holes, each separated by black outlines of rectangles.

Strategy Cribbage

Late 1980's.
Sold in Miles Kimball Winter 1990 catalog
No board or instructions on file

Description: 3-player Board (15 X 3¾ X 3.4") with Brooks-style tracks of red, white and blue, divided unevenly by solid white blocks. Number of pegging holes located between the solid white blocks varies from 3 to 6, with total holes on each player's street being 120. Bonus and penalty holes enliven an otherwise traditional game of cribbage.

Western Cribbage

Western Cribbage Association, W. G. McSpadden, Founder
Copyright 1986
This game was never formally manufactured, but many handcrafted sets were distributed.
Game board and instructions on file.

Description: Game board (24 X 18") consisting of 5 rows of 5 rectangles each. Objective of game is to play cards as to build 5 card cribbage hands. Also uses one standard cribbage board for counting score. Each owner of the game was awarded a Charter Player Certificate.

Game Variations With No Documentation Available

Requests are frequently received for information on the obscure games, and located below are two such games. There is no documentation currently available to validate that these games were ever manufactured or Patented. Any information that can be provided on these games would be appreciated.

Minnesota Cribbage
Continual (Endless) Cribbage

I hope that you have enjoyed reviewing this listing and will take the time to help me fill in the spaces. On some of the games, I still need the manufacturer's address, instruction sheets or photos of the games which are not on file. I would also appreciate receiving information on game variations which are not listed in this article. I am quite certain that there are many more non-electric, non-computerized variations that have not been documented by me yet! My deep appreciation to Tom O'Gara (#72) for his many contributions to this listing. He continues to be a source of much of the information in the listings.

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