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Youth Grand National '2' - Sands Regency, Reno, NV - June 30, 2018

Cash Stallsworth, 1st place: 12 and older

Forty Eight (48) Youth Players attend the Youth Grand National '2' Cribbage Tournament at the Sands Regency Resort in Reno, NV. Ages of the players ranged from 8 years old to 18 years old.

Four siblings came from Burke, VA.
A School Bus brought 25 players from Roseburg, OR.

Awards were presented following the playoffs and consolation.
38 players in 12 and Older

1st - Cash Stallsworth - age 12 - Central Point, OR
2nd - Tanner Harris - age 14 - Roseburg, OR
3rd - Gavin Kordestani - age 16 - Piedmont, CA
4th - Connor Branson - age17 - Roseville, CA
5th/8th - Wyatt Hagan - age 14 - Rio Vista, CA
5th/8th - Justin Roberts - age 16 - Grass Valley, CA
5th/8th - Brandon Eveland - age 14 - Roseburg, OR
5th/8th - Jonathan Roberts - age 12 - Grass Valley, CA
9th/10th - Adam Leaton - age 15 - Roseburg, OR
9th/10th - 9th/10th- Adam Wisecarver - age 14 - Burke, VA

Cash Stallsworth won 4 rounds of the playoffs without losing a game.
Wyatt Hagan was the high qualifier with a grand slam.
Elliott Hines & Tanner Harris each had 23 point hands.
Connor Branson had a crib flush.

Tim A. Shaw, 1st place: 11 and Under

10 players in 11 and Under

1st - Tim A. Shaw - age 11 - Sacramento, CA
2nd - Nina Plowman - age 9 - Paradise, CA
3rd - Angelina Villalobos - age 9 - Chico, CA
4th - Roman Leaton - age 11 - Roeburg, OR

Tim A. Shaw was the high qualifier with a grand slam.
Nina Plowman also had a grand slam.

First and Second Place in both age groups received a troy ounce silver coin donated by Bill & Chris Svetz, Oroville, CA.

Kou Castle and Ben Hill

29 players in Consolation (combined ages)

1st - Kou Castle - age 14 - Roseburg, OR
2nd - Ben Hill - age 14 - Roseburg, OR
3rd - Heath King - age 12 - Roseburg, OR
4th - Drew Wisecarver - age 12 - Burke, VA
5th - Daniel Burkey - age 14 - Roseburg, OR
6th - Katie Jakubos - age 16 - Roseburg, OR
7th - David Branagan - age 13 - Roseburg, OR
8th - Bryson Webb - age 15 - Roseburg, OR

Kou Castle and Ben Hill had grand slams.

We had the opportunity to have Jade Esper, a disabled youth from Roseburg, OR. participate in the Youth Grand National '2'. Jade was diagnosed at birth with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (Arthrogryposis for short). The muscles in her arms and legs did not develop and her joints are contracted (limited movement). She learned how to play cribbage last September ('17) in a cribbage club at school. There are about 30 kids in her club, 25 of which attended the tournament. The club meets once a week after school. Jade's teacher, Mrs. Grauer, doesn't let Jade's physical limitations stand in the way of her inclusion in the club. She makes sure that Jade always has a helper to handle the cards for her and they use a card holder to prop her cards up. Even though she has limited dexterity, Jade is able to fill out her own score card. Jade joined cribbage because she likes doing math. At the tournament one of the dads, Tim Smith, sat with her to shuffle, deal and peg, however, Jade proudly completed her own scorecard.

Jade Esper with Tim Smith

Four of the Youth Players played in the Consolation of the Independence Day Tournament on Sunday Morning, July 1, 2018. - Angelina Villalobos, Wyatt Hagan, Cash Stallsworth & Nina Plowman.

Youth Grand National '3'

The YGN2 is planned for June 29, 2019 at the Sands Regency, Reno, NV. Watch for details in Cribbage World and at

1st Youth Grand National

Connor Branson, 1st place: 12 and older

The 1st Youth Grand National was held on September 9, 2018 in Lincoln City, OR in conjunction with Grand National XXXVI.

Twenty Seven (27) Youth Players attended, with twenty three (23) in the 12 and Older and four (4) in the 11 and Under. Two Youth Players, Jacob Bowden and Joey Bowden, attended from Dedham, Maine.

Results: (master points earned)

12 and Older:

  • 1 - 1st Place: Connor Branson, 16 years old, Roseville, Ca
  • 2 - 2nd Place: Ayden Johnson, 14 years old, Roseburg, Or

11 and Under:

  • 1st Place: Tim A. Shaw, 11 years old, Sacramento, Ca
  • 2nd Place: Zack Gregson, 10 years old, Antioch,Ca

Nineteen (19) Youth Players competed in the Consolation.


  • 1st Place: Nina Plowman, 8 years old, Paradise, Ca
  • 2nd Place: Katie Jakubos, 15 years old, Roseburg, Or

We are looking forward to Youth Grand National 2 in Reno, NV, in conjunction with the Independent Day Classic at the Sands Regency on June 30, 2018.

Tim A. Shaw, 1st place: 11 and under

Nina Plowman, 1st place: consolation