Tournament Director Resources

The ACC sanctions more than 170 tournaments a year. To have your tournament sanctioned, an official ACC Sanctioning Request form - Eastern, ACC Sanctioning Request form - Central or ACC Sanctioning Request form - Western must be completed and approved by the appropriate regional commissioner (see list below).

Once your tournament is sanctioned, you will receive a packet of forms and information including: Your tournament will appear in the Cribbage World under the Tournament Trail section and in the Schedule/Results section of this website. If you would like to post your flyer to the website please email it to the ACC Webmaster. For information on advertising in Cribbage World, contact the editor, David Aiken.

ACC Tournament Commissioners

Eastern Region Central Region Western Region
David Campbell Patrick Barrett Roy Hofbauer
(207) 730-2051 (715) 424-5059 (360) 835-3623
Below is a list forms and other resources that you might find helpful.
Tournament Director Packet
Sanctioning Request Central Region (pdf)
Sanctioning Request Eastern Region (pdf)
Sanctioning Request Western Region (pdf)
General Information Letter (pdf)
Instructions for Sanctioned Tournament Report (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - All 6 Pages (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - Page 1 (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - Page 2 (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - Page 3 (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - Page 4 (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - Page 5 (pdf)
Sanctioned Tournament Report - Page 6 (pdf)
Main Qualifying & Playoffs Master Rating Points (pdf)
Consolation Qualifying & Playoffs Master Rating Points (pdf)
Tournament Preparation Tools
ACC Membership form (pdf)
ACC Business Cards (pdf)
ACC Tournament Official Rules (pdf)
ACC Tournament Directors Information May 2001 (pdf)
ACC Tournament Directors Information May 2001 (Word)
Print this version out, doublesided and assemble as booklet.
ACC New Player Instructions (pdf)
ACC Brochure (pdf)
ACC Judges List (xlsx)
Play-Off Bracket Boards
Play-off Bracket instructions
Sample 32 person play-off bracket board (xls)
Sample 64 person play-off bracket board (pdf)
Sample 128 person play-off bracket board (pdf)
Scorecard Templates
9 Game Scorecard Template - 4 Scorecards (xlsx)
9 Game Scorecard Template - 3 Scorecards (xls)
12 Game Scorecard Template (xls)
14 Game Scorecard Template (xls)
22 Game Scorecard Template (xls)
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